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Maybe just because of the drama that follows the Met GALA yearly, it is always an event to look out for and always very well anticipated. With the stars and celebs going zany at interpreting the theme of the event in their dress code annually, so it’s always a wondrous collaboration between the stars/celebs and the designers who most often clothes them.

This year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute exhibition event was a mix of religion meet with fashion, as the theme for the year’s exhibition was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. The annual GALA is always tied to an exhibit at the costume Institute of the MM of Art.

So in interpreting this year’s theme as a dress code for the event, many of those who attended channelled religious iconography in different forms, the year’s theme explored the relationship between fashion and religion or better still the tradition of catholicism, so from the use of the crucifix to many more outrageous styles the guests did their best to translate the theme how best they understood it. From Rihanna to Madonna to Jared Leto to JLo to Katy Perry to Solange to Kim Kardashian West and many others, it was one outrageous interpretation to another. That Kim K’s gold outfit with the 2 large crosses at the front, was like molten gold was poured on her and it just absolutely formed her silhouette to perfection. Travis Scott all black military outfit stood out for us, though it didn’t exactly follow the year’s theme, the neatness and styling for us was upscale. He was with his baby mama, who was hot-hot in all black too, showing off impossible curves.

One person that was expected but was conspicuously absent and whose absence was well noticed was Beyonce, as most wanted to see how far she would have gone or what she was going to interpret the theme as.

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Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk

Kendall Jenner & Virgil

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