Gorgeous bride-Nela

Hon. Commissioner Asuquo EKPENYONG 

Netanela Duke

Bride’s mom doing the Wakanda sign

Handsome dudes

2 of NELA’s bride’s maid

Asuquo EKPENYONG and his league of gentlemen 

Iyanya Mbuk

This past weekend while all eyes were on the Shagaya’s ad they had their wedding reception  in Lagos, in Calabar, the beautiful and very clean capital of Cross Rivers State, Mr. Donald Duke and his supremely gorgeous and very cultured wife Onari Duke, after only a few weeks when they had a humonguos wedding for their first daughter Xerona as she got wedded to Derin Phillips aka DJ Caise, once again invited friends and family members including business associates to yet another wedding at their home in Calabar.

This time around it was their other very gorgeous daughter by name NETANELA DUKE more referred to as Nela, who had her traditional marriage, native law and custom with her heartthrob, ASUQUO EKPENYONG incidentally the youngest commissioner in any administration in Nigeria. ASUQUO is the current Commissioner for Finance under the Prof. Ben Ayade’s administration. He was so appointed in 2015 at age 30, having being born on September 25, 1985.

According to the information we have gotten somewhat reliably, this very well read dude might be the Governor of Cross Rivers State someday in the future, all things being equal. Asuquo Ekpenyong’s resume is intimidating and interesting, he finished from the prestigious King’s College, Lagos then off to the United Kingdom at University of Reading where he obtained his first degree in Economics. Then he later got his 2nd degree, an MSc in Banking and Financial Services at the same University of Reading. He has since after  attended many executive programs to add to his profile at such prestigious institutions like Harvard University, Howard University both in the US, University of Pretoria, South Africa and EuroMoney Oil and Gas School London, UK.

After a short stint working in the UK, he came back home worked a bit before establishing his own businesses, from where he was later called to come serve his state in charge of finances. He is one of the Governor of Cross Rivers State Professor Ben Ayade’s political son, in whom he is well pleased. If in future all the elements align and permutations work out well, Donald and Onari Duke’s daughter could also be referred to as a first Lady, like her mom was called for 8 years of 2 terms.

As expected the Dukes were a perfect host as they opened their home to all and embraced all with their warmth and very good nature. We hear the white wedding is slated for this weekend, Saturday, May 12, 2018.

98% of the pictures were by TemiOlukay.

More stunning pictures below.

Gorgeous bride’s maids

Mpho Laing

Donald Duke and Mpho Laing


Sisters-Xerona & NELA 

ASUQUO & Derin Phillips 

Husband and wife, Netanela & Asuquo

Iyanya and Debola Williams 

Professor Ben Ayade

Senator Godswill Akpabio & Senator Florence Ita Giwa

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