Today Saturday, May 5, 2018 is the D-day. Today is the final chapter of the wedding ceremonies between Amina Buba now Shagaya and Kabir Shagaya, the 4th son of billionaire business woman Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya.

According to some of the invites the wedding was supposed to have started since 2pm, while on some access cards it reads 4pm.

To show that it’s a big day by all standards even the rains began at about after 2pm and it’s been showering since then, maybe it’s a sign of the heavenly embrace to show approval! To show no be joke at all, even the massive LED platform on the Lekki Expressway toll gate owned by Seyi Tinubu today.

We are already on our way there to see how things are unfolding and hope to bring to you all, all our reports.

All the pictures of the the bride and groom are from theelitesng.com 

By Maestros Media

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    1. They're were said not to be compatible spiritually to be together in marriage.
      I can imagine how low she'll be now, well that's life.

    2. Gbogbo Bigz Girlz, eyes wide open @not to be compatible spiritually to be together in marriage.

    3. You know all these women have long legs, patronizing alfas and all that l, checking destinies.

    4. @Gbogbo Bigz Girlz
      I highly doubt she cares since she's busy prepping for her own wedding

    5. Wow! All this spiritual checking parents do. Do they ever think the results may have been Tampered with? ??

    6. Congrats to her on her upcoming wedding, didn't hear about it.

      In re spiritual checking, it's their lifestyle. One of her alfas attended this wedding.

  1. Where is patience Jonathan. Isn’t she supposed to be Bola Shagaya’s besto. They used to be inseparable before now, Abi did the friendship end when the Jonathan’s left power?

  2. Truly a wonderful couple. I was there at all the ceremonies, and I can tell you they were all beautiful. I wish the couple every success.

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