Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode 

Re-election time is fast drawing near and all those eligible are doing all that’s possible to make sure their i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Even those just seeking to come in for the first time are waiting also, ready to pounce. One of those also majorly interested in a deserved 2nd term is the very hardworking Governor of the state of excellence-Lagos, in the person of his excellency Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

That his excellency has done a fine job, some even consider it a most excellent of jobs, in fact a yore man’s job in the last 3 years and is still going on so strong is evident for all to see. The people of Epe alone left to them would want the Governor to remain the Executive Governor of Lagos for life, if it were possible, this is so because of the excellent touch that the action man has given to his ‘adopted’ homestead.

Epe, is not the only place that has felt the magnanimity of the workaholic action Governor who is seemingly bent on turning Lagos into a near Eldorado and who is also somewhat in a hurry to do what some have considered the magic. His fine touch dots everywhere and commendably too at that. From the more urban areas to the inner more rural parts, that most had neglected before when they were in power. Roads repairs in torrents, great infrastructures being built across the state, extraordinary investment in security, in fact no state in the whole federation has spent what AMBODE’S administration has spent in terms of security, in fact many states combined, haven’t spent the kind of colossal amount Ambode has spent to improve the security of lives and properties in Lagos.

All the above and more are not the only areas that Lagos has seen improvements, one other major area is the stratospheric improvement in IGR, imagine that what Lagos has raked in is what many states combined would bring in in many years. Being an award winning accountant/auditor/money engineer par excellence, one who has risen from the lowest cadre of administration at the Local government level to be the Governor, the man has really done confirmably well and there are still great things to launch, to declare open before the end of this action packed first term running into a 3nd term of its permitted. Some have even suggested that, apart from the Jakande’s administration that was the standard by which most administrations is judged, followed by that of the Tinubu’s administration that supposedly came up with the current blueprint that successive administrations are now following, even to the BRF administration which many thought was already the height of it, that the AMBODE’S administration is probably running to become the greatest till date, that is if he can continue like this and even do a 2nd term with the same heart, purposefulness and untiring and unwaving swagger that he has used during this first term.

What is obvious about the administration of Governor Ambode and his style is that, he must have really studied the state very well over the years, believing that one day he would become the state chief executive and had therefore planned ahead for that eventuality and had developed a fail proof blueprint which he hoped to use if he ever came to power, which he is now executing gallantly. So if in his first term he has done so much and there’s still so much to be done, it is believed that a 2nd term would allow him to consolidate and even do far more.

But that 2nd term which should normally be a given, considering his resume and what he had already done (achieved) and his future plans, might be on a shaky ground already!!!! What????? Shaky what??? There is the claim that there might be some subtle differences/disagreements with his godfather, the Governor emeritus of the state of aquatic excellence, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed TINUBU! How can that be? The godfather is supposed to be happy to high heavens that his political son is shutting down impressively all naysayers that had thought he shouldn’t have been the preferred one! This normally should be the happiest moment of a father well pleased in a son who is surpassing all the dreams had about him! But alas, there is said to be some estrangement ongoing, that is also very well hidden only known to some or very few.

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According to the gist, it may have been very hard for the godfather of recent, to reach his son. It’s like the workaholic Governor is just too busy for everyone! What????? It was even suggested that, it used to be far easier to reach BRF the former Governor of the state, now a super powerful Federal minister than the present Governor of the state. This was the same BRF that Asiwaju allegedly fought tooth and nail, to make sure that it was Ambode that emerged as his successor! It has also been suggested that Governor Ambode, has somewhat stifled and starved the platform via which he rose to power and prominence, of the oil which normally lubricates that machinery. So while one might have been systematically decimated, he might have built his own formidable platform that answers only to him alone, while the one that pushed him to prominence in the first instance is allegedly gaping for life!

So by virtue of these, he might have drawn the ire of the overall head of that platform and machinery and by so doing might be jeopardizing his 2nd term ambition! Though both parties might come out to deny what is known to be presently on going, it does not take away from the fact that things might really be as we have stated and have truly actually gone south.

And if care is not really taken, maybe things might just become as predicted by a supposed man of God sometime ago, who had predicted emphatically the likelihood of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode doing just only one term!

Truth is though would it be in the best interest of Asiwaju for Ambode to do just a term only after all? We believe no! Whatever is the issue though, we believe it’s going to be solved, as people of influence, most especially one that is respected very much by both men, may have come into the situation to sort it out. It would be great if Ambode would continually concentrate and focus on turning Lagos into a very beautiful state, while Asiwaju would focus and concentrate more on the politics, so that the Governor wouldn’t be distracted one bit. If this beautiful partnership don’t work out at the end, both would be the laughing stock of the opposition, who actually do not have one chance in hell to remove Ambode, if all things are as they should be.

So like it is said, a stitch in time saves nine! 

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  1. Aloba and your paid post , what has Ambode done in the state except to mess it up . Is it not this same lagos we all live in , 4yrs Ago lagos was organized and sane now we have chaos everywhere. It is a mad house , pls take this campaign elsewhere, another 4yrs with Ambode will be hell .

    1. The only flaws I noticed in Ambode is the construction of major roads at same time, causing hold-ups. And the waste management, glad Tinubu has waded into this and Lawma and PSP will be back.

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