The gorgeous wife of our President, her excellency AISHA Mohammed Buhari on her instagram page about 12 hours ago showed she is in tune with what’s current and on the lips of the people.

In giving her husband a pat on the back for doing a good job well done on his current trip to the United States of America, against the backdrop of the many unrelenting ground swell of unprecedented opposition, Hajia Aisha in saying kudos to her husband said,

 “Dear President, You deserve some #accolades ?

The above just tells it as it is, that those in the position of power are not impervious to current realities on the ground. So if anything, we must speak out LOUD for them to always hear us. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Lol@ the last picture. It's obvious they are having a hard time understanding Buhari. I'm Nigerian and I can hardly understand him either.

    Btw does Aloba look like Guru Maraji or is it my eyes. Facially I mean. No disrespect Aloba (?)

  2. l watched the whole speech yesterday live and so scared for Buhari! He was shaking like a jellyfish, Trump had to tell the journalists to be easy on him! Buhari needs vacation not to campaign again!!!!!!!!!!

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