Chioma and her SUV


Appreciative hug

This actually must be the real deal! Mimicking the great music group of yore known as “Whispers” , this is surely or most assuredly  “…..the love thang”.

Firstly, the undisputed and one and only O. B. O declares his love very openly and very publicly for his boo, he then serenades his heartbeat “Chioma Avril Rowland” with a new song titled “Assurance”, maybe as a mark of assurance that no matter what, he would stay good with her. Maybe to take the assurance tbing many notch up further and to seal it, he went further to solidify the assurance with an humungous birthday gift of a brand spanking new “Porsche SUV” valued at about 45 million which totally left his 23 year old Beau, born April 30, 1995 totally gobsmacked!

Even Davido himself was super elated about the whole thing. that he had to declare it, Hear him-

‘My baby got a Porsche menh, my baby got a fcuking Porsche menh’ lol.
”I give my baby ASSURANCE!!! I love you baby!! WE IN THIS 4 LIFE!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️??? @thechefchi !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHIOM CHIOM !! FROM ME TO YOU!! I BOUGHT MY BABY A PORSCHE!! ??” and the gift has elicited so much reactions, both positive and negative too. Anyways, any which way Chioma is driving her Porsche here and there already.

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  1. Davido can not stay with a woman for long, max 2 years another girl will replace Chioma.

  2. Isn't she the same Chioma that he had been dating for like 5years? In-between having baby mamas. Hmmmm

  3. Thanks Davido! Unlike some motherfuckers calling themselves" big boys" on the island yet can't do shit for their girlfriends even when they have the means to! I like it that they are young and in luv! It's not like the girl is fucking a married guy so let them be!

  4. I kind of like Ibo or igbo chicks! They know how to luv and fuck! Love ondo girls too! They are very obedient in bed!

  5. Mehn!!!!!! luv this guy! he loves hard! there is nothing wrong with him buying her that ride please! Some so called big boys both single and married that have money won't do this so I applaud davido! The guy is the real MVP! Chioma dearie! enjoy yourself!

  6. l want to be believe that davido has the cash so let his girlfriend enjoy! The guy is really generous unlike some " gum hands" that I'm dating claiming " brand name" and the idiot is even married! always denying his wife but his friend told me! I won't complain cos he sucks me! once I get married, i'll just leave him! even his friend is asking me out! men sha! No one should judge me here! Nigeria economy is really bad! I have a regular job not an olosho! so no tongue wagging!

    1. No need fucking a married man if he doesn’t give money abeg. God forbid I be with someone’s husband for anything else than money, gifts and contracts here and there… leave toto licker and find someone else I beg.

  7. Wow! his two baby mamas will be hating on this chick now! kikikikikiki! women! close your fucking vaginas or let him use a condom! kikikikikikikikikiki! Chioma luv! enjoy your loot! I like davido! Generous guy! plays hard! loves hard!

  8. Why can we not see past what's in front of us? What drives the popularity and success of hits? Either a scandal which could be but not limited to good or bad publicity, Davido is going to make the money spent back from this song before the end of the year, it's a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, he causes admiration and hype from the public by the song, video, Porsche,new restaurant, she obviously benefits as recipient of the gift but in reality he used their relationship as a means of selling the song and it worked! Talk about tactical planning, he knew we would react like this! I love them together!

  9. All that glitters isn't gold. Heard serious gist about a certain artist having "The Virus". Only 2 baby mamas publicly declared, but apparently more babies unclaimed/ acknowledged. This certain artist habitually engages in unprotected sex, even in South Africa. Decoders decode. I'm out.

    1. There are many of them. I know a runs girl who died last year of the virus and she was a regular to one popular artist. The complaint was that the guy never used CD. Funny enough, she was not the first to complain same about the guy. The artist is a very trendy dresser.

  10. Pls more clues to the riddle. Not surprised with the way they sleep around with no protection. I’m sure many artists are running around infected.

  11. Davido is a real OG but I wish he would defend his baby mamas and stop the trolls going in on them. That’s rather insensitive of him, letting get trolled so mercilessly. I really feel for them especially Sophia, she should just relocate. This is too much.

    1. Hater oshi. What are you implying? Nah jealousy go kill you!!!!!! Leave him alone. You want to spoil his name. Wicked witch

  12. Decoders! Oya please explain to me- what did this smallie rub on her nose like this, that it is shining like energy-saver bulb? Na "contouring" we hear say una dey do now- but which one be this one again abeg?

  13. Is it Mr Gongo Aso? But he has an ex-wife and 2 baby mamas – Mama Ibeji and the girl who went to LASU. (Re-only 2 baby mamas publicly declared.)

  14. Hmmmm! My girlfriend is fucking toke's ex and his friend. Hmmmm! Chicks! His friend is married but his wife is not in the country! Smashing two friends!

    1. You’re a real oloribu. They are both discussing how they fucked you and laughing, ode. Tokes ex. That’s an achievement right? Dumb ass.

    2. Why the attack on the poor girl??? The girl should come back and give us full gist! Toke's ex is no prize! Who is his friend that is married that you fucked please??? Put his name up!

    3. @Aproko! What shame? Because it's a woman! What about the men? It takes two! It's okay if the lady fucked toke's ex, because he's single! What about the married friend who is cheating on his wife! Men sha!

    4. Anon11:05pm! You're an idiot! Laughing you say??? At what?? Fake ass old men trying to feel young! Alas! Old mudafuckers! Can't fuck sef! Don't try me or else I get your names with pictures and put it up here!

    5. Aproko! Shut it! I suspect you're the friend that she fucked! The girl should finish this gist abeg! Was it a threesome? Nawao!

    6. Anonymous. 7:28am! You better go for test! Didn't toke say that her ex gave her std and sti? Hmmmmm! You fucked him and his friend! Please what's the friend's name so we can prevent fucking him in the future!?

    7. Anon 12:22am! What's up with your comment," stop whining and go make some money!. Did they have sex with a slut???

    8. Koboko and sour pussy fall on you @ Aproko! What rubbish! Don't get mad or else I'll spill. Stingy things! Fine fcuk men my butt hole!

    9. Hope toke's ex and his married friend used " protection oooo! Hmmmm! Toke's ex that gave her std! These guys are dirty! Yuck! Fucking same chick! What for? Are they broke? Just asking! Don't care though! Girls be careful!

  15. So if they were dating for 5 years, that means she too was cutting shows with Mr Phenomenom on Awolowo Road in between more power to them ooo

  16. Anon! Come back and finish this gist. Who is Mr phenomenon on Awolowo road? Haba! You drop sweet gist then you ran! Come back and finish the gist!

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