Friday, June 2, 2023
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That the great Aare of Lagos loves his 2nd wife to a fault is like saying that fishes love water, or that the birds love to fly, husband and wife are inseparable and the love seems to be waxing stronger and more intimate by the day and it is very obvious for all to see and be captivated by..

But this post is not about the love between the 2 hopeless romantic, but it is more and especially about the statuesque’s Folashade’s birthday. The gorgeous Otun Aare Iyalaje of Ajiranland, who is also the Bewaji of Lagos and also the Yeye Oge of Epeland and the Ajisewe of Oke Ona Egbe is 41 year old today, having being born on April 25, 1977 drum rolls. What that actually mean is that the Group Managing Director of Eleganza Industrial City, who in fact has repositioned their family business fantastically to a more profitable and robust one has just begun life!

Like it is said that life begins at 40, now that Shade is 41, that actually only mean that she is just a year old in the new life and needs frontier! And she looks smashingly gorgeous all the way.

Whatever it is that the mother of 4, who has been married to the renowned businessman and philanthropist now for 19 years is doing, she should just keep it up. What we only want her to do is reveal to us, or lead us to where the river of excellence, gorgeousness and elan is flowing from or located, so we can fetch from it too or even build a house new it so as to obtain of the water’s good grace too.

Chief ‘Dr’ Mrs Folashade Noimat Okoya nee Adeleye, like we have already said, was born 41 years ago in Lagos to Alhaji Taju and Alhaja Nimosat Adeleye. She got her National Diploma in Banking and Finance from the Lagos Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos and thereafter went to University of Lagos, where she got a degree in Sociology.

Like already reiterated above, she is a multi-titled Chief and with all the chieftaincy titles reflecting her style, elegance, panache, beauty, gorgeousness, glamour, the whole package etc. All of these things reflecting that she is a fashionista to the core. All of the titles can be loosely translated to reflect her to be  queen of glamour and beauty”, which she really is.

So on this occasion of her 41st birthday we can only say to her more graceful years, in good health, beauty and peace!

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  1. OMG, I saw the video of her cooking on Dele Momodu IG, oh my, I expected her lot better looking and clean than the mess she used to cook. And this is a woman that pays millions for her jewelries? Very disappointing

    • I like her until I saw her at the City Award show. Not only did she go to the stage with her entourage of about 20 women that have no business being i the stage but also for her disappointing speech. Saying it was a shameful scene will be an understatement. Sade please get a tutor and brush yourself up before your husband (sorry your grandfather) died

  2. This ghetto woman should please get a seat. Of course anyone can be a graduate as long as you have the money. However, she need to go easy on Plastic surgery

    • She is wife 20.The man has more than15 women that have kids for him. They come have one or 2 kids and the home get too hot with jazz and the kids and they run away for dear life. Only God knows what Sade, he mother and her second mother Modupe did that makes her the champion. Can't wait to see what will become of her if and when the man died. I'm sure the man will have iron clad Will that will benefit her a great way just like Ojukwu did for Bianca

    • At Mama Borngirl. It is true. Many wives has come and gone. Minus many side chicks that has kids for him I'm sure with Sade jazz, the man must have set a lot aside for her and her kids. Local woman

  3. Aloba how long does it takes you to post comment for goodness sake? Back to the matter about this ghetto semi illiterate woman,

  4. I wonder what this woman has done to the BVs here. On every of her post, 90% are negative and spiteful comments. This post melted my heart seeing her with those beautiful kids. Please take it easy on her for the sake of her kids. She might not be as bad as BVs here portray her to be.

    • Yawnssss…still not impressed!!. Anon you better not pray to jam this kind of gold digger. She is the ultimate man eater. It still baffles me as to how she was able to upstage babas wife of his youth and all his children to claim monopoly over the man. It’s so bad that he is now potty in her hands.

    • Anon 8.29 It is beyond bad. The man look like a dummy around her and wonder if that is a real love or African love? No wonder she called the witch master Mrs Oguntade her second mother. I saw the man on her birthday acting like her puppy despite having her first wife and her children there too.

  5. why are you all attacking her?? what has she ever done to you?? I'm sure if you see her face to face you can't utter pim….and who told you thees our sub standard uni degrees are something to be proud of

    • Yes no perfect being because we all have flaws but at the same time I honestly feel that she is ghetto and she hide behind shyness to cover up her ability to speak well. There is more to life than material stuff

  6. We need to change our mentality about FACT being HATER. I
    Only people calling her for whom she is. She is a ghetto act like one and she acts under disguise of being shy because she cannot speak English. Go on You Tube and search for her speech at City People's Award

  7. So what if she had a ghetto background and can't speak Queen's English? She's done well for herself, looks good, has cute kids, and her husband looks overjoyed to have her in his life, as his wife. People like her because she's respectful. Each to her own, her haters should just swerve.


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