He is not known as Mr. Entertainer for fun, as he lives, sleeps, wakes it and does all that’s possible to always entertain every which way he can. There’s  never a dull moment whatsoever with him. But he’s chilled so much now, maybe because the very much attention that was on him then as the reigning king as really subsidied, maybe it’s he is a father and husband now and loads more responsible, having gotten married quietly a year plus now. So that status seemingly slowed him down no doubt.

But he seem to have rediscovered or better still he wants to recover his awesome groove back in recent times or of recent and maybe some extraordinary hits are been cooked and or something juicy, breathtakingly awesome, totally off the hook might be in the offing? We don’t know that yet or know that for sure, but with the recent excitement coming from him, maybe something is surely cooking.

In the picture above he is dazzling with one part of what he is majorly known for apart from his career as an entertainer, which is his style! The dude’s impressive skirt like pant is totally off the hook, totally very fashion forward, it takes a true person of style who has mad attitude to carry it off! Some would say maybe he is keeping in touch with his feminine side, we would say the dude is bold, stylish, a risk taker, trend setter and totally avant garde. Truth be said, dude be buff and fit for his size and is obviously being well taken cared of by madam.

By Maestros Media

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