Their are some of those who literally defines oomph, gorgeousness and all the works in one package. This young lady is all of that and more. She can be referred to as kid dynamite!

As much as she’s mad beautiful, & shapely is as much as she’s awesomely brilliant too and then there’s the dad billions also in the mix to make her more relax than the normal and not worry too too much about the future, but instead no, she’s as freaking hard working as the best and rest of them, always alway on the look out for one opportunity or the other to excel at and rake in the dough. It’s not just about being dependant, but also about been responsible and having the ability to add value to what’s already on ground.

Tracy Nwapa, who friends and more prefer to call “Tracieee” is one lady that has one of the most beautiful eyes you can imagine and a banging, badass, bodacious body, that can resurrect and awaken feelings in the dead body of an eunuch. Even monks who are totally dedicated to intercession and have signed off women are not left out, as they would be shaken and stirred, by what Tracy packs. And to finish it off, she is super stylish to the boots too with all the required oomph very well in place.

The former TV gal, who used to feature in a talk show years back and is a 2009 graduate of the Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan with a degree in broadcast journalism, TV & film production and also interior decoration is a relation of the late celebrated novelist/writer better referred to as “the mother of modern African literature, Flora NWAPA who passed on in 1993. Her dad used to be the Executive Secretary NCDMB (Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board). At 30 going on 31, her date of birth been August 27, 1987.

She had established her own production company called “Idea Robot Productions “, then later set up Interior Culture, a contemporary interior design & furniture firm in 2013. Then 2016 she set up her hair brand, “Traycies Pieces, a luxury hairline brand. 

Welcome into the world of Tracy Obiageli Nwapa! She’s one of Nigeria’s most eligible bacholorette. Who would sweep her off her feet?

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    1. At the end of the day one Oguta man will marry her. That’s where she’s from and they like keeping it tribal there.

    2. Anon 11.40 you and heart attack are walking closely together. Stay on your lane, no you won’t, I hope you have medication at home when sudden chest pain comes upon you.

    1. In fact every time I see this girls on Instagram I am just so speechless why won't y'all hide your pretty heads? Ok maybe it's just me, but I don't see any need for all this many many pictures and long list of bought followers. Dressing up everyday and taking pictures of yourself just to show the world. Anyway I guess it's what in for kids. But my dear you are all setting yourself up for trouble or are they been paid,? Why not just sell what ever you are selling and move on. You see them all overly dressed I keep asking myself where are they going everyday like this? Some wearing long dinner dresses lolz maybe I am too old school.

    2. @anon 8.19, you are not old school, you have spoken deep wisdom. My teenage daughters say maybe these women have very low self esteem and need the likes of strangers to validate their very existence on earth.

  1. Such a beautiful stylish girl. Don’t know her personally but I think she’s awesome. PS I don’t care about her ‘attitude’ I just think the babe is a prize.

  2. This girl gossips too much, even about her close friends and talks ill of every single person around her, very envious with a very nasty attitude especially with her business if she thinks you are not of a certain class, extremely shallow as well, there is not one of her close friends that she has not gossiped about, then on insta she goes and likes and comments on their pictures, I'm her friend so I know, just not nice!

  3. From bodywork to hoeing, to chronic gossip and still come online seeking validation from “unknowns”. Surely there’s a deeper problem somewhere.

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