Sijibomi Ogundele is the bright young man that is widely referred to as the “billionaire” property tycoon, he is better known by his Japenese sounding moniker SUJIMOTO. The billionaire tag we believe is misapplied though for now, maybe in Naira if looked at critically and we have no doubt the billionaire status would actually come some day, if he continues on his path. 

Since the dude arrived on the scene a few years ago like a bolt out of the blue, dazzling all comers to no end, flashing, flossing, he has remained consistently in our consciousness since then, majorly because of his brazen attitude. He seems to understand Nigeria & Nigerians very well and knows how to wake them up to always take notice. He has spoken on several counts about his audacious dream of building, Lorenzo by Sujimoto, most probably the most lavish, most luxurious, most in your face, the tallest residential building in Ikoyi, that would boast the best amenities money could provide (fully automated). We have waited and are still waiting for that dream to at least start/materialise, but some are even claiming he hasn’t yet bought the land to build that humongous edifice yet, not to talk of building it. We have no doubt that the highly focused young dude, would one day make this audacious dream a reality and that’s because we believe in him. Never ever say never as nothing is impossible!

That Suji is audacious is stating the very obvious, he is very bold at that, you need to hear him talk and you would be totally taken, totally swept off your feet. He is well gifted man with extraordinary gift of the garb, that is just too irresistible and to add to it all, he is a man of style in his own way, a total package we hear you say! We prefer to call him, “the most well packaged” young man in Nigeria. Ignore him at your own peril. And he is one of Nigeria’s most eligible bachelors, very ready to mingle.

Tito Ovia on the other hand is the 2nd daughter of the super rich former MD of Zenith Bank, now the chairman of the Bank, in the person of Mr. Jim Ovia. Let’s try to put it properly, Tito is the adorable 2nd daughter of the single largest shareholder in Zenith Bank, one of the top 5 biggest banks in Nigeria, by any yardsticks you might want to measure it. Jim Ovia is a Forbes rated billionaire. He is not just a banker, but is also into properties, ICT. He used to own one of the best communication’s brands in Nigeria before by name Visafone, which was later sold to MTN very profitably at that. Much is not really known about his daughter Tito, except that she’s Jim’s daughter but we presume she would be highly read and be very well educated at some ofun the bestate schools around the world.

So what’s the connection between Suji and Tito? Our bird in the sky suggests that cupid has shot his arrows at the heart of the 2 younglings and has caused their hearts to dance Jigida continously. And the arrows so well deeped in love potion has mesmerised the 2, so much so that they are deeply, madly, unrepentantly in love. Is this the love, is this love, is this love, (in Bob Marley’s voice) that Suji clamoured for and spoke about sometime ago? When he openly spoke about a possible sidekick, who he would give a house in Banana Island to and would also deliver with the house a machine of a car-a Rolls Royce for that matter? Maybe this is it!

Let’s quote him- May I, Sijibomi find true love before Christmas. SomeOne whom I can crown with a house in Banana Island and a Rolls Royce before Christmas.

Maybe it’s this Christmas (2018) that he was projecting then, when he spoke. According to our bird, “Ceteris Paribus” All things being equal” Suji might be getting set to P.R.O.P.O.S.E, so maybe a wedding massive wedding is upcoming end of the year, sometime next Year? Fingers crossed!

By Maestros Media

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  1. Are you saying Jim Ovia will allow her daughter to marry this SCAMMER? So is now about your money but not your pedigree? Nothing surprises me in this screwed up country again

  2. Wait
    SADE Adenuga
    Dabota Lawson & now,
    Tito ovia?

    Naa uncle Jim wouldn’t dare & if he does, Emifiele will never see to it

  3. The article is slanted some how and not well written but I must say Suji does match his words with action. Been to his site in Banana and it is impressive. I was also opportuned to attend the birthday he did for Tito from RSVP to Buzz bar and it was incredible. As for if Jim would allow his daughter marry Suji, any father will want his daughter to be happy. The man can do his research about the young man and even with all the noise, he will see that he is hard working and a go getter. Pretty much every man’s dream. We might not agree on the loudness of Suji sometimes but dude motivates quite a number of people. So if the wedding bell rings, we did be happy to dance skelewu of legbegbe with them.

    1. Suji it won't happen, and this is coming from the family! Uneducated opportunist, these young men should stop looking for families to latch on to! Omanmekwa!

    2. You call him," uneducated opportunist! Yet he dated all those girls you posted up there and I believe those girls are educated! One word, those girls are , Oloshos! If they actually dated this guy!

  4. Anon 12.25 Suji PR Hopefully he paid you a lot for being his Spokeperson. Hard work my foot. How did he get rich and what did he do to get rich. My issue with our society is that you will be idolized for getting rich irrespective of how or what you do to get rich

  5. Did* corrected myself before that Jobless perfect anonymous that never made any mistake or typo in his/her life do

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