So yesterday, Friday, April the 13th, 2018 was the birthday of one of Nigeria’s queen of beauty and lifestyle, in the person of Safia Fifi “the moon” Usman. And as part of the celebration to mark adding another year in good health and great shape, the boss of D Moon Spa dazzled all comers with this new set of photos above, confirming that she is the undisputed “queen” of beauty and that she’s not taking no prisoners at all.

The well to do entrepreneur who has many of our stars, celebrities, elites on a speed dial by virtue of the services she provides for them looked mad hot in the pictures, sitting on her throne wearing her crown looking all shades of royalty, ruling her domain with imperious gorgeousness and grace.

In the 2nd picture of the 3, the blond bombshell showcased her badass shape in her black and white ensemble, killing it with the socks to make it look like a school wear themed shoot.

Her Spa named after the translation of  her name-Fifi the moon, has enjoyed unprecedented patronage since she opened the doors for business and is one of the busiest spas in Lagos bar none. People in great numbers have attested to the fact that she’s probably one of the most qualified skin experts in Nigeria and she has numerous clients to prove it, who only swear by her. Infact, her clientele list reads like a virtual who-is-who of the society. So, many of those very gorgeous and in your face light skinned beauties, are mostly are clients. One of Fifi’s best selling services we hear is the vagina flushing & steaming, 24 karat gold facials amongst several services they offer.

Happy belated birthday from us here at Maestro’s Media!

By Maestros Media

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  1. Lol @One of Fifi's best selling services we hear is the vagina flushing & steaming ?

    Something that we all do at home. Especially after child birth and the monthly cycle.

    It’s now a paid service? Hmm!

    1. Very soon, every chick you see will have a particular and peculiar shape! So when small butt comes into vogue, what happens? You go back and take out this shit?

    2. I can't imagine any clean guy sucking this chick ! By the time he's done, his lips will be looking like kojo Annan's lips!

    3. Flushing and steaming of vagina doesn't guarantee a clean pussy! It could guarantee a tight pussy but if you have 'it', you have it!(infection, eg. Viruses and bacteria)

  2. If this is what beauty looks like after all that effort, its a waste of time. Struggle photoshop beauty. Women who bleach have mastered the art of knuckle hiding- never show their hands. Even that Banke one that matried, she hid her hands so much she forgot to show off her ring.
    Bleach from now till eternity you cant be white or mixed race. Then they end up having bama black kids. Like who is lying to who?

  3. Whata laff!!!!
    According to the gist, that big phat buttocks was constructed twice! All in the bid to have the bum of life. You need to see it live for you to see how massive it is. It was like a direct competition with Akunna the now married hair seller who also did has too, maybe to see who would have the most humonguous of bum bum. Both contraptions called brazilian butts are grotesque to say the least.But as long as they both love it wetin concern anyone. Abeg admin bring us the pictures maybe my husband go pay make me too go do. Lol

  4. All I remember about this lady is how she turned dudu overnight when she was preggos. I mean dudu like burnt yam! I can't deal abeg

  5. Pls dont make the mistake of buying her cream. It will spoil your skin with stretch marks. She does not look like that in person at all.

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