Peter Nielsen with prison’s officials

Alleged killer, 53 year old Peter Nielsen, the husband of Zainab Ali Nielsen aka Alizee and father of Petra was yesterday, Wednesday, April 11, 2018 remanded in Prison at the Ikoyi Prison for that matter on the order of Mrs. Kikelomo. B Ayeye of the Yaba Chief Magistrate Court, Lagos, pending the advice from the state”s Director of  Public Prosecution.

The Danish citizen was charged on 2 counts of first degree murder. The allegations that he pleaded not guilty to.

But the prosecutor, CSP Effiong Asuquo told the court that the accused, Peter Nielsen committed the dastardly offence on April 5, 2018 at their residence Block 4, Flat 17, Bella vista Towers, Banana Island. CSP Asuquo alleged that the accused killed his wife by repeatedly hitting her head on the wall till she died and then proceeded to poison his daughter. He then allegedly dragged their lifeless bodies under the gas to create the impression they were suffocated to death as a result of the gas leakage. Apparently both had died in the room and were then dragged to the kitchen where their lifeless bodies were later discovered.

The offences contravened section 223 of the criminal laws of Lagos State, 2015, which prescribes the death penalty for offenders.

The case has been adjourned until next month, May 5, 2018 to be more precise, pending the DPP’s advice.

According to the father of Zainab, Peter Nielsen has a case to answer for deaths of his daughter and his granddaughter Petra. He claimed that Peter has a case of violent tendencies, that sometime last year after a disagreement with his wife he and beaten her black and blue till she went comatose. That the case was reported to the police and Peter had signed an undertaking never to beat her again, until the dastardly events of last week Thursday that led to a double homicides.

Alizee’s younger sister Gift, who lived with the family had reportedly told the facilties manager at BellaVista, Kunle Kukoyi that she had heard her elder sister cry while being assaulted at about 4am on the day she was killed.

We are eagerly awaiting the adjourned date for the trial to begin to see if justice would be done in the sad case.

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