It’s no new news that the revived, the newly ressurected Arise Fashion Week series is back and it was with a massive bang! The 2018 edition truly lived up to expectations and we were so glad to have experienced the 3 daY’s of indescribable fUn, incredible fashion and style and unbridled excitement.

The designers came in great numbers and the best way to describe it all is that they all came, saw and conquered. For many of them just showing on this platform for the first time, this was the launch they had wanted and things can never be the same again, for those perennial favourite it was an opportunity to showcase their latest creations and cement their reputations as some of the best and most creative in the country.

One of the highlights of the 1st day was the sexy swimwear showcase by the incredibly talented Nigerian-Canadian designer Andrea Iyamah. The models showed off the collection with much oomph and the crowd apparently enjoyed it.

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By Maestros Media

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