Gorgeous Tokunbo Idowu, 34 but better known as TBoss looks every inch like a standout boss in this mad gorgeous uniform shoot that’s awesomely beautiful. Need we say that the uniform fitted her like a 2nd skin and created the aura of the ultimate boss lady. She would most definitely have been an outstanding signpost for any of the uniformed force or any company where a uniform is a must wear. We would have love to see a full length picture of her though, wearing a beautiful pair of either a monkstrap shoes or a pair of shining black patents with her outfit. 
We are so in love with the shoot and she effortlessly evoked that classic hit by the incredible “Lionel Richie”, ‘Easy like Sunday morning’ but here Monday morning instead, as she made it all look so easy. So as our week starter, we know vey well already it’s going to be a splendid and beautiful week ahead. 
The stunning beauty, whose dream amongst several others was to have been a pilot, would have been a very distracting one at that, if she had taken up the profession by virtue of her beauty, just imagine her co-pilot being totally taken by her and not concentrating on nothing else! Hmmmmm!!!

The lady who stirred up the BBN Naija 2017 house in many ways, first by showing off her perky pierced twins without a care and then by stating categorically that the winning prize of several millions (₦25million & a new SUV) for the that competition was chicken feed, is all shades of classy and elegant in this shoot and the mixed race dynamite (Nigerian & Romanian from Edo State) is really “drop dead gorgeous- ddg” in all the pictures. Navy blue uniform and crisp white shirt and a black tie never looked more stunning than this.

Maybe in other climes, her outstanding gorgeousness would have been greatly exploited for advertising products and brands etc. 

More gorgeous pictures after the break.

By Maestros Media

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  1. Lovely picture except for the nose contouring which she didn't need as her nose is pointed already. However very nice pics she carries herself well thou I can't say i like her personality as seen ON BBN maybe in person she's a cool cat????

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