All is set for the commissioning of the newly built world class Ikeja Bus Terminal by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode led administration. President Muhammadu Buhari will lead other top dignitaries on Thursday, March 29, 2018 to unveil the iconic infrastructure.

This iconic terminal is designed to change the face of public transportation and it will convey more than 70,000 passengers daily to over 22 destinations across the State.

The facility, which is sitting on 10,000 square metres land space is equipped with Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Fully Air-conditioned Terminal, Food Court, Shops, Toilets, ATM Gallery, Free Wi-Fi, Electronically Controlled shades, among others.

Through the ITS, intending passengers can be informed of the departure time and arrival of the next bus which allows them to plan their movement.

The facility was designed and constructed by Planet Projects, an indigenous construction firm.

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  1. It's nice, we need more development in infrastructure. Power, transportation, healthcare and security.

  2. It's not so much the building of things as it is the MAINTENANCE of such things. Its a wasted effort IF maintenance is not factored in.

    1. As far as the people are concerned it is wasted effort most especially when the govt need to create more roads first. But for them, it is an ATM project that will enriches their pocket and give their kids the power to be very wasteful

  3. Waoh more market space for market sellers. They will soon tackify the whole place with their goods and also beggars. Nice concept but with wrong mindset. Well done Ambode

    1. This is really nice but give it few months you will find feaces and empty pure water sachets littered everywhere. Nigerians we are not disciplined in our country only when we are in another man’s country.

  4. As dirty and filthy as "most" Nigerians are in the living surroundings I give it 9 months and it'll look like a dirty smelling stinking pig sty.

    Don't be mad at me Truth hurts.

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