Bisi & Helen Onasanya

It has undoubtedly been a super wedding month/season already, though we have only just gotten to the 4th month of 2018. Already some of the biggest weddings of the year have taken place, but much more are still on the way though.

One of those set to host very many to another first class wedding, (traditional wedding) come this weekend, Saturday, March 31, 2018 to be more precise, from 2pm is none other than former top banker, in fact ex-MD/CEO of the first Nigerian  bank, First Bank PLC, in the person of Mr. Stephen Olabisi Onasanya, who from being an award winning banker has now become a budding property magnate. He is the owner of “The Address Homes”, a first class estate/property company, which already has under its belt about 100 units of first class, top notch, 7-stars apartments and more are still on the way. Some of these units are located inside Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The families of “Bisi and Helen Onasanya”, via their first son “Damilola Tolulope Onasanya” would be joined together in traditional wedding (engagement) this Saturday with the families of “Chief Razak Tunde Lawal and that of Mrs. Florence Irona Lawal”, via their beautiful daughter “Surat Oluwakemi Lawal”.

If what the Onasanya’s did a few years ago at the wedding of their daughter is anything to go by, then this traditional wedding is going to be awesome in all ramifications, especially as this is the wedding of their first son.

Venue of the wedding is the Landmark Event Centre, VI extension and the event would be starting at 2pm, while Reception holds at the same venue immediately after the ceremonies.

The colours of the day on both sides are “Daffodil yellow with copper gold and metallic silver with multi sequin”, how people come up with these colours for occasions/events would forever baffle us.

After the traditional wedding which would be totally off the hook and very colourful, by the looks of things in Lagos, Nigeria then it’s off to Dubai, the UAE the week after for a super classy destination white wedding, that would be in a class of its own. 

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  1. Congrats
    Ahem (clears throat) if our favorite media mogul and Walmart Oprah Winfrey decides to attend, it shall be very interesting indeed.
    Seeing as Mrs. Onasanya will be present and all…
    OK Bye!

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