Golden blonde bombshell

Voluptuous Care-Giver with the ponytail

The sumptuosly badass gothic Catwoman

Calling on Batman for assistance

Fairy Pink Princess

Gorgeous Denim queen

Alice in Wonderland or lady in red

The “Catwoman”, a sexy bombshell of a nurse (care/love giver), the “pink princess”, the “denim queen”, the “golden bombshell”, “princess daisy” the flower girl or “Alice in Wonderland”, all the different roles that the sumptuously shaped actress from Imo State, who just clocked “31”, having been born March 26, 1987.

The lover of great machines, by that we mean luxury cars has not been in any production that we know of, of recent but business which we really do not know nothing about seem to have been booming magnificently in the last few years as she’s been living large, acquiring some very nice cars, which she doesn’t mind flaunting whenever possible.

One other thing that Daniella loves to flaunt a lot of the time, is her “badass shape and voluptuous front”, which if care is not taken can cause mad pile ups.

For this birthday she must have gone a whole length as the photoshoot with different costumes, hairstyles and make up touch ups, shows much was put into it for maximum impact/effect.

When people asks us the silly question on what is it that the actresses/celebs do, that earns them so much to leave the life on the roll, we answer them by just saying they do B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S & business can come in loads of ways.

Happy birthday D, have good fun as you have added another year.

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The Ice Queen

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  1. Didn’t she just codedly have a baby? And her 2nd in apostle’s bed, Ruth Kadiri is also pregnant…. hmmm…,, hbd to both of them!?????‍♀️

  2. Luv the first pix! DAMNNNNNN! But too fat! hmmmmmm! Nice though! okay! 31yrs???? Babe ! why lie now? okay, still like you but too fat! hook up with Maje Ayida for proper training ok!

    1. Anon she is likely 31years but looks way older than some mothers in mid 50s becasue of the lifestyle she liveth, excess body count, pary, too much drinking etc

  3. Till they make cossy vex now with their belle sharing.loool. palesa you remember say Cossy is still on her becoming exposed book of apostle and thy mistresses loool

  4. @anon 2:35, them don use money and threat to cover cossy eyes and mouth. She can’t do shit! That’s the money she used to go and get surgery, forget all these smellos. They are all the same, cossy was just hurt and blabbing because she didn’t get as much as the girls after pimping them out…. so this was just a way to say, “pay me before I open your ynash”.����

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