MAESTRO’S MEDIA EXCLUSIVE. That “Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Leo Messi Limited Edition Watch”

Apart from the fact that the Pilot son of the former IGP, MD Abubakar, is a handsome dude who is very friendly and a good supporter of his friends. Dude has no unneccesary airs about him and that alone is a trip!

One other fact known about him is that he his a “watch freak” and car buff and he doesn’t joke with the 2!  For his wedding dinner at the Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos on Friday, he wore the Limited Edition AP watch that has only “400” of it made worldwide.

The beautiful watch has a 41mm 18k Rose Gold case with a solid stainless steel back, tantalum bezel, glare proofed sapphire crystal, brushed anthracite dial applied with gold hour markers & white gold luminescent hands and comes at a cost of $52000 Dollars, which is about give or take ₦18 million Naira!

One of the highlight of this long wedding ceremonies for us is that we are so very happy, that Jamil Abubakar could boldly support a full fledged, strictly Nigerian fashion brand like “Kimono Collection”, on Fola Osibo, Lekki phase 1, for his outfit and those of his Groomsmen. 


By Maestros Media

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    1. Lol. I was just about to write the same thing. Oga.

      We are tired of seeing pictures of these mega weddings. O ti su wa, Uncle.

    2. Ain't tripping about the watch. Perhaps you do but not me. Who wouldn't buy such watch with corrupt money in his/her disposal. I heard the groom is a Pilot but with who? And for all I know, Pilot money will never buy such an expensive watch

  1. @anon 12;54 Only poor people do lovemaking as if its an olympic event.How many billionaires, wealthy/rich people have you met who Knack for hours only jobless poor people or basic oloshos have that timed wealthy person's time is precious not to be wasted on a physical exercise

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