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HW Premier Precious Lace 18k Rose Gold & Diamond Ladies Watch

In total deference to our readers who are the most important people to us, we promise that this is the very “last post” we would make on this humongous wedding, except though of course something totally juicy too good to ignore comes up.

Maybe as part of his wedding gifts to his 3rd daughter Fatima, Africa’s Richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, went all out and personally did the jewelry shopping himself and what Fatima wore to the wedding dinner were humongous pieces from the famous New York jeweller Harry Winston.

The badass watch worn was an “Harry Winston Premier Precious Lace 18k Rose Gold and Diamond Ladies Watch”, it’s a part of the “Premier Collection”. The first time piece collection launched by the House of Harry Winston in 1989. It was conceived to capture the iconic codes of the famous New York jewelry brand.

Basic details of the watch are as follows, movement- automatic, caliber- HW2014, function- extended hours & minute, case material- 18k rose gold, case dimension- 36mm, dial- blue mother-of-pearl dial with yellow mother-of-pearl lacework featuring (35 marquise cut diamonds) & (11 brilliant cut diamonds).

Strap- 18k rose gold set with (318 brilliant cut diamonds) (approx. 8.69 carats).

Gem setting- (386 brilliant cut diamonds and 35 marquise cut diamonds) (approx. 11.68carat). 3ATM waterproof. Watch cost between $100,000 & $120,000 that’s between ₦36 & ₦43million plus from Harry Winston store, but can come for as much as 30% less at a super good retailer, making it about $70000 to $84000 dollars.

The neckpiece, earrings, ring and the 3 bracelets/bangles on the other hand are super exclusive, and couldn’t have cost less than another $150,000 to $200,000 maybe more on their own, that’s between ₦54 to ₦72 million Naira only if not more! 

Fatima’s “Elie Saab Custom dress” is between $25000 and $50000 dollars, that’s between ₦9 to ₦18 million Naira, that’s not adding the pair of shoes. 

So just for the “Wedding Dinner” in Lagos alone, Fatima Abubakar was ₦100 million Naira plus in adornments.

So if a billion Naira (₦1,000,000,0000) went towards this wedding alone, I don’t think anyone would doubt it!
Eye popping ??? Yes it is!!!!!

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  1. Congrats again to the couple!!!! This marriage must last because the bride and groom are matured and old looking! Someone said, no chemistry! but most bride from the north don't need chemistry!

    1. The bride looks like she's in her late thirties; hope it works for them.
      She looks sad some how though.
      Dami Osinbajo still beats her even in all her simplicity.

  2. Spend it if you have it, enjoy your money BUT one thing puzzles me, with all the crowd and so called ‘best friends’ how come once efcc comes after one of them, not one single ‘best friend’ stands with them in their season of tribulation. I wish someone will explain this phenomenon to me!

  3. @anonymous 8.35am, Are or were they competing? How has one beaten the other? And in what way? They've had their weddings the way they wanted to.

    1. You are such a bitter soul @ Anon 4:06PM. Learn to be happy for others so your life can improve, Got it?

  4. No competition biko. Everyone of them did their thing the way they wanted and they're happy. This competition thing reeks of jaelousy.

  5. No competition biko. Everyone of them did their thing the way they wanted and they're happy. This competition thing reeks of jaelousy.

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