Benedict Peters of Aiteo

Another good one for billionaire oil magnate, Benedict Peters, the founder and boss of AITEO as he wins another victory in his battle with the EFCC to clear his name. A judge declared just yesterday , Thursday March 22, 2018 that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the government organisation set up to fight financial crimes has no right whatsoever to declare Mr. Benny Peters or any other person for that matter, wanted.

The way the judge puts it, declaring anyone wanted by the EFCC is tantamount to over stepping their boundaries, as it’s only a court that can grant that sort of approval.

In a ruling in Abuja, the FCT by Justice Othman Musa of the Federal High Court Abuja he quashed the EFCC’s declaration, describing it as, unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional and even went further to ask that the EFCC should apologize to Mr Peters!

Not still ending it at that, Justice Othman went further to say that the EFCC cannot declare anyone (any Nigerian) at all wanted without first obtaining an approval from a court of competent jurisdiction.

The EFCC towards their investigation in 2016 against the backdrop of the case of electoral fundings in connection with the 2015 election and other related matters, had declared the hard working businessman wanted. But not satisfied with the EFCC, the businessman through his lawyers had immediately instituted a case against the commission, siting infringement of his fundamental human rights and asking the judge to declare the actions of the commission, unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional, and that their declaration be quashed and a written apology be made to him. With yesterday’s pronouncement by the Abuja court, Benedict Peters got all the relief he had sought/asked for. 

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  1. Of course he is going to win. As long as you have money in Nigeria, no matter your offense, you will never lose. Screwed up country.

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