Ultimate Scorcher!!!

Gucci combined with Louboutin

In her favourite colour-Red, carrying Gucci

YSL bag & flat Christian Louboutin

Silk PJ

Parisian goddess, black Hermes Birkin

Statuesque, gorgeous, beautiful and with those her major assets,…. those big expressive and hypnotic eyes.

An unrepentant fashionista to the core, with a wardrobe that’s outta this world, we bear witness to that fact! We can tell you for a fact that it is a wardrobe/closet to die for, but that’s literally though! A mix of the elegant classics and the new standouts and she’s got the frame to carry the fashion with much aplomb and necessary oomph!!! Nice long limbs, well proportioned chest, good neck, all the works we dare say.

She’s the longest reigning beauty queen ever in the history of proper and well documented pageants in Nigeria. Just imagine reigning for 6 undisturbed years before another queen was crowned to take over from her just about nearing the 7th year! She was Miss Nigeria from 2004 till December of 2010!

Since she appeared and came into our consciousness, she has held sway ever since, not letting go at all and not even wanting to relent at all. She, like a good wine has continually matured as the years have gone by.

Her style game is super top notch, with classy outfits and accessories to match. She’s in fact a shoe freak with awesome shoegasm, whose unbelievable collection would open a classy  store without a whimper. Her perfume collection is also said to be legendary too.

The budding entrepreneur, milliner with about 3 branches 2 in Lagos and one in Abuja is gradually walking her way towards iconic status, fashion and style wise though!

Is she or is she “still” not a stunner?

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  1. PR FOR BABY RUN GIRL. SERIAL DATER GIRL FROM POLO GUY TO POLICE CHIEF. You go girl and enjoy your Escort job. But remember that Beauty is not forever

  2. Ko si Nkan kan nbe mo! Ofutu fete !! Younger fresher girls have over run these ones? life is so unfair to women, once your time is over, there is absolutely nothing you can do, if you like pose naked on Instagram, nothing for you

  3. Aloba gist on Stella's blog ,aunty iphie William don start again. Read on rumour has it that a wife of a popular pastor in Lagos,chased her out of their church. Well aunty ify has joined another rock church for only God knows why. My question is how are they sure the pastor will also be interested in her,for her to make him her target? Is pastor doing side chicks?. Please bring the story of aunty ify Williams.

    1. At 5.18. Are you kidding? Nigeria Pastors adultery is from here till they go back to God and put them in hell fire. Please don't believe their anything that comes out of their mouth because they are all hypocrites

    2. Pastor do side chicks better than regular people and you wonder why Freeze told people to stop giving them Tithe. Chris Okotie wife left her because of side chicks same applies to Oyakhilome. His wife left his fake ass because of his nonsense

  4. At Blair. You are right to some extent. If you keep yourself preserved without jumping from one man to another or shouting "I'm here" for the world to see you, there is definitely still a chance for you. Look at the 60 something years woman Obasanjo brought from London to marry? And many middle age women getting to marry a divorcee or a widower. Is all about keeping yourself clean without sleeping around for a fake ass shoes and bags. And also, it doesn't make sense to me that some of these girls have 2 or 3 expensive cars and live in a ridiculous expensive rented house. Misplaced priorities

  5. Aloba go and investigate she has dumped john but he begged her not to make it public so people don't laugh at him. His jan 1st party she wasn't there. Am sure jennifer is happy

    1. Good she dumped him, after all these years with him nothing to show for it. Atleast she’s not over the place and maintains herself.

    2. @ Palesa She is all over the places Dearie. She jumped from one man to another to keep up with the Jones. This lady lives on men handout and is a big shame. The so called store she has cannot even pay is own overhead. How many turbans can one sell to pay for a store that is over a Million in a year? They all have businesses just for front because last time I checked, the business they have cannot even pay for the rent and other expenses.that comes with it

    3. At Palesa. Who told you she dumped him? If there will be anyone that dumps the other, it will be the man because he is afraid of being committed to one woman with his money. She doesn't have bone in her body to ever dump him most especially when she has needs. She put him on the side and following different men. From the Police Chief to other rich folks. Doing Runs is in their DNA and the only way they can survive or keep up with their extravagant vain lifestyles.


    5. Hahaha i know this person her father used to be in govt but that doesn't stop her from fucking up and down even though she is married. She has a buka. Have heard her talk gossipping about her friends. Madam don't let me spill your tea. You know your hubby will die. Ene na mumu see your so called friends trashing u here.

    6. Make una no vex, she just seems very coded about her own. My dear I don’t know shit about her or her account. It’s sad she wasted all those years with him sha.

    7. At Palesa. im sure she knew what she was getting into because everyone knows Polo boss history about using and dumping . (Same he did to Vivian) but in ENE situation, she got a lot of material stuff to show for those years like Cars, ,traveling first class all over the world, designer watches,shoes and clothes and money for her business which seems to be her priorities then. Life is about give and take and they both gained from the relationship while it lasted. BTW, they are both still seeing each other but on a down low. In Jenifa voice, Wateva

  6. How is her lifestyle and what is likes anyone your business. We sit and judge all day, most of you are haters. You go to foreigners pages and like their pic and hate on Nigerian girls. Stop hating and appreciate

    1. Anon 9.40PM. Who made you the Speaker of the House? Shut up and sit your stinking ass down. When did saying the truth becomes an hate? Which foreign girls are you talking about? The kind of nasty comments being thrown at those ratchet Kardashian in US is on another level and doubt if any Bliggers would have enabled such nasty comment in ??

  7. Madam enough with the bleaching abeg. Those naturally light brigade should not come for me. I am naturally light too but my skin does not look like a white womans like this lady up here

  8. You people should know that when Aloba makes posts like these, he's fishing for info! He's giving y'all the platform to come and drop gist

  9. People with body count of 100 typing comments too leave her go and do your own runs and dress your own

  10. Anon 10.43. Is that you ENE? I'm sorry for you that Polo boss refused to commit to you. Perhaps you didn't fulfill him enough and wonder why you are putting your frustration/disappointment on the messenger after all, you are doing you all over the places and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to mention those guys you are running with. Will let your comment slide

    1. @ Professor X who gave ignorant you that name? Must everything be labeled HATING? Sorry foolish you, but unfortunately ENE has nothing that I will hate her for. Let us break it down. I'm not hating her but just need to clarify my point that there is nothing about her or that she has achieved that I might be hating her her.
      1) she has no house of hers but lives in a rented house
      2) she jumps from one man to another
      3) She wears replica designer shoes and bags
      4) she sells turban and accessories (store that cannot even make to pay its expenses)

      Please look at someone else to call an hater

  11. Na wah oh. Babes am suspecting the comments here. One babe is saw gumming john like leech is always talking about you ene and she is your friend all forming jennis friend to date john kontinu in Cee-c vpice

  12. Re-Same he did to Vivian. She's due to drop a bambino soon. Congrats.

    Very true, Polo will just give you wristwatches and that's it, but with Ene she got a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff, not just from John but other Donatuses!

    1. Vivian didn't have a baby. The baby she was holding is Ama Annan's baby. Polo boss might have his personal issue committing to a woman but Vivian is a fake and phony witch and wouldn't let my brother marry her too. She is vain, fake, superficial and shallow. Polo dodged a bullet with America deportee Vivian. John will soon dump her too. You wait and see

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