Contrary to the information about all over the media, the expected world class, mother of all, 7 stars, 1st class reception is set for Friday, March 23, 2018 and not Saturday March 24, 2018 as have been widely reported all over the media.

The venue, Eko Hotel Victoria Island Lagos, remains the same. Your clout as big boy or girl or as a world class social climber would be tested if or if you have not received your invitation card to attend.

Those who would need to go a borrowing just to stand out to be counted, would have gone about it already with gusto. Many of the ladies would dress to kill, to entice and to capture and this is so because the value of money that would converge in and on that one spot on that day would be staggering to say the least. Imagine billionaires multimillionaires, millionaires in all shades and hues. So it would be about selling commodities/wares, so the more standout, the more well packaged some would be the best for them.  That venue would have in great numbers some of the most stunningly beautiful, gorgeously stylish, outstandingly elegant ladies of all heights, complexion and shapes, mien etc. Some of these ladies would have great jobs, some nothing exceptional, while some would be working on that day, just by being beautiful and on point. Who says attending parties and looking stunning is not a job?

If the information reaching us or we have gotten is anything to go by, the seemingly very valuable IV card has become like a valuable packet of platinum encrusted with diamonds that is not that easy to come by. It has become a must have for those who love to rub shoulders with the creme de la creme of the society, those who wants to be counted, those who wants to be seen to belong. 

The expected humongous party is only about 72 hours away,…… So have you gotten or received your Invitation Card yet?

Judging by what as occurred in all the previous events already, this is going to be the “icing” on the cake, the party to seal and end the whole many days of events that has spanned, Kano, Abuja and has come to climax fittingly in Lagos, the nerve centre of Nigeria.

What is been planned to top it all? Absolutely everything! Security would be out of here, it would be like the Mossad guarding the event. Entertainment would be 8-stars in all ramifications. Knowing Aliko to be a sucker for King Sunny Ade, who is known for the special anthem (tim bati ri eniyam ….Alhaji ALIKOooo Dangoteeee!)- “Whenever I see my personal person”. And if the couple would be indulged, which they should, since it is actually their day, it would be a mini concert of some sort as all would fall over themselves to perform even for FREE! First because it’s Aliko, second of all because, Jamil knows most of them one-on-one. Food, that one is a given. Drinks- strictly no alcohol. Go home package? Even that one should be outstanding and mouthwatering!!!!! Guestslist……a mini political rally mixed with all others.

Make sure to get your IV!!!! The coded card, which has a monogram that can pop up information once scanned about the card and owner reads-

“Alhaji Aliko Dangote GCON and family
Cordially request the pleasure of your company at a dinner reception to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Fatima Aliko Dangote
Jamil MD Abubakar
on Friday 23rd March 2018
At Eko Hotel Convention Centre
1415 Adetokunbo Ademola Street
Victoria Island, Lagos.

Guests arrive at 6:30pm and are seated by 7:30pm.

Dress Code- Full National Dress.
This card admits one only. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. Okay now! Aloba pls bring us pictures! I bet you that mermaids from the Atlantic will attend this party to capture some clients! forget security joor! money must be made and man must be taught a lesson or two! No be lagos again??? my town for that matter! abegi! leave matter for matthew!

  2. First anon, you are a clown ooo. My thoughts exactly. They would cat walk die for customers. Meanwhile, those ones no want know faces. Only coded things. No wrinkled somethings. Dancing for cameras. Pancaked faces like ojuju calarbar. Banke go come begin praise and worship and smiling home. Omo no be small matter. LWKMD So embarrassing.

  3. All I can think of is the traffic this will cause by the invited and uninvited. Why do this on a Friday though??? I'm leaving work at 4.

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