Soft drink bottling Company, Pepsi announced very recently their new set of ambassadors, who are all badass deejays in their own rights with awesome followerships. And one of those so announced is none other than DJ Cuppy, whose real name is “Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola”, whose dad is Nigeria’s oil and gas magnate behind Forte Oil fame, in the person of Forbes certified billionaire Femi Otedola aka (Ote?).

DJ Cuppy joins the ranks of incredible DJ Spinall, the exceptional DJ Obi & awesome DJ Xclusive.  These incredible 4, or should we say 4 musketeers were unveiled on Instagram as Pepsi’s newest DJ Ambassadors.

Our beloved fashionista and well natured DJ Cuppy, is the only female Deejay amongst the 4 outstanding ones chosen. More money added to an already burgeoning pocket we say! 

By Maestros Media

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