PMB & Aisha Buhari, the newly married couple, VP Yemi & Mrs. Osinbajo and on the left Prince Shina Bakare & Hajia Bola Shagaya

Seun Bakare- the groom & mom- Hajia Bola Shagaya before the ceremony

Damilola, her dad Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & mom- Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo

Damilola & dad, walking the aisle, just before the vows
Oluseun Bakare with PMB

Miss Oludamilola Osinbajo now former, after the ceremony this afternoon, that made her Mrs. Damilola Bakare is one beautiful lady. Everything about the young lady just speaks beauty, class and distinction. So today, Saturday, March 17, 2018 she ceased to be a spinster anymore, as she was joined in holy matrimony to her beau of many years, young pastor in the making, Oluseun Bakare, the 3rd son of HAJIA BOLA MUINAT SHAGAYA at a well packaged, not too big a ceremony in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Though not too big a ceremony, but several Governors, government functionaries and special guests were in attendance. Church wedding was at the National Ecumenical Centre Abuja, also known as National Church of Nigeria, the reception was at the State House Conference Centre.

Damilola looked ethereal in her white wedding dress, giving the already pure coloured outfit gorgeous energy radiation that embraces! Her dad wore a smart, carton colour Aso Oke Agbada on a white native, while the naturally beautiful mom wore a simple but very elegant, peach lace outfit. Groom’s mom as expected was on point in her awesome looking 2 piece (Iro & buba) peach outfit which she garnished very well with another awesomely beautiful diamond and ruby jewelry set, that was standout. Seun wore a smart 2 piece navy tuxedo that fitted him like a glove.

One of those who graced the occasion at a venue just a stone throw from his own abode, was the President of Nigeria, Mallam Muhammad Buhari GCFR, we also saw the likes of Governors Rauf Aregbesola, Senator Abiola AJIMOBI, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Dele Alake, John Momoh and many others.

Though not much pictures of the event are out yet, we have a few for your viewing pleasure and delight.  Check ’em out!

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Aregbesola, Ajimobi, guest, Dele Alake & John Momoh of Channels TV

PMB greet Paul Adefarasin of HOTR

Aisha Buhari and Dolapo Osinbajo

Seun, Damilola, Mrs Osinbajo, Hajia Buhari & HAJIA Bola Shagaya

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  1. Very short engagement or maybe they were engaged for a while before it became public. Also very understated event.
    I hope it was the sort of celebration the couple wanted not forced to be "modest" & "quiet" to bolster Osinbajo's public image as non-corrupt. Because it comes across as very "shotgun"

    1. If you know Dami, the first child of the VP and his wife then you'll know she's very quiet, reclusive and reserved. So this wasn't forced. I don't understand how some of you reason. I went to high school with her and she's well mannered, somewhat shy, and quiet.

  2. Quiet wedding? Private wedding? Don't be fooled. Do people who are doing quiet wedding close Eagle Square to use as car park? Do people doing private wedding pay for aso-ebi from "office of the vice president account" ? The Osinbajo's pretend and lie too much, and funnily enough, the Saraki wedding was far more private and classier despite its size of guests. No social media razzmatazz

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