Jamil Abubakar & Fatima Dangote

MD Abubakar & Aliko Dangote

Come a date in the month of March 2018, which is only a few days away, all the certified juggernauts worth their salts, big elephants who leaves indelible footprints wherever they go, the who-is-who and the creme de la creme from around the world would all converge at the expansive hall of the Eko Hotel Convention Centre, Victoria Island Lagos to celebrate the wedding between Fatima Dangote, daughter of Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Africa’s Richest on planet Earth and Jamil Abubakar aka Jamboy, the first son of the former Inspector General of Police in Nigeria.

Just like the Sarakis, who being practising Moslems refused to serve alcohol/booze of any type at their children’s humongous wedding ceremonies a few months back, the feelers emanating from the household of the families involved with the upcoming wedding, has it that alcohol/booze of all types would also be a No-no at the Dangote weds Abubakar upcoming wedding too, which has already seen many different hashtags likes of #fatjam2018 #jamfat2018 #abudan2018 #dafa2018 #jafa2018 spring up.

The no booze order adopted though is not going to take away one bit from the whole package expected at this  lifestyle wedding. From what we have heard, people are already falling over each other to make sure to get invited, for to be seen at this wedding is been termed a sort of status symbol that can elevate some people’s standing in the society.

We are eagerly awaiting the day to come, so as to bring you the full coverage.  

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  1. No booze ke? We no go jare. That’s how we sat at Sarakis own looking like spectators. Nothing to shake body. Abeg, I no go. But they all drink now. We are in lagos not Kano. Wo we are not sharia compliant.Radarada

    1. Anon 3:45 Aliko doesn’t drink and it doesn’t matter where the wedding is taking place, be it in Black Sea he will not serve booze at his child’s wedding. Northern Muslims are different from Lagos & southern Muslims

    2. Look at this fool@anon 7.08pm, you guys are the biggest and I repeat biggest hypocrites. Do you know how many Hausa moslems that I know and are well known that are drunks? Abeg shift joor. Drinking correct booze from teapot. I even know a crown prince that died from alcoholism. So please spare me that holier than thou bullshit. A lot of northern staunch moslem Hausa drink and do drugs like any other. They might decide not to serve alcohol at their party, fine. It’s their party!!!

    3. 10:43 you certainly are pained by personal problems. How do you allow the comment from the other anons pain you like this? I sometimes laugh at how people take this comments so personal when the parties don’t even know you. Abeg take 1can of origin ? to quench your thirst ???????

    4. Thanks bro. I could do with some of this chilled ?. How can anons comments hurt me? Nahhh just can’t stand hypocrites. And yes I know them very well. Have a swell weekend.

  2. @anon 3:42 maybe its a good idea not to invite yourself ,struggle to every event.Im sure if Both families wanted you to be there they would make special arrangements for alcohol you would consume.Seems social climbing and "I was there"syndrome and "I gats to belong/be seen"is now a career in Lagos.

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