Nancy Isime

It’s a “super cool weather” Monday, the last in the month of February 2018, and the 2nd day of the new week! A supremely cool day after the downpour, no harsh sun, all beautiful and one of those who has made the day super cool is none other than, former top model, former beauty queen- she won “Miss Valentine International 2009” and now growing actress, Nancy Isime.

The short haired, blonde bombshell, with the super gorgeous eyes is our sky-blue wearing wonder and beauty.

Though not shown here in the above picture, Nancy who graduated from UNILAG with a degree in Social Works is one gorgeous lady with a bodacious and quite impressive body shape. So she’s not just a beauty facially, but combines it with a “banging body”. Outfit made by Mai Atafo.

Have a Honey coated, sumptuously dripping Monday! 

By Maestros Media

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    1. Don't know her but she look ok. It the makeup artist should have been easy on the nose contouring. Otherwise, she is ok.

  1. Nose done in Thailand few years ago ; body done in grandville opp vgc last year.. very focused girl though

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