The best way to teach your kids and for them to trust you is for you to trust them and to show it that you do. So instead for them to go hide to do whatever they feel or believe they can do, they’ll at least think twice and never want to break your trust.

It’s very obvious that Femi Otedola the billionaire oil magnate has taught his kids well and they trust each other so much. The body language says it all and action says it all too. Theirs, from the look of it is a chummy, very friendly, “I can tell my dad anything kind of friendship”. It’s quite obvious Mr. Otedola shares a super relationship with all his kids!

So Temi the @jtofashion boss daughter of the billionaire and her boyfriend-Mr Eazy hung out very recently with her dad, And she captioned it- Gang!

Firstly it takes a lot of trust for a dad to meet the daughter’s boyfriend. Secondly, it takes a lot of gut for the boyfriend to meet your gf’s dad. Thirdly, is this some form of endorsement or what? Lol?

At least Mr. Eazy on Val’s day February 14, 2018 spoke out is heart publicly with those “200 red roses”, which like Temi expressed are her “kryptonite” (weakness). Maybe those red roses were Eazy’s way to declare more openly that the ‘romance’ is a real & big deal! Hmmmmmm Maybe good music is upcoming sometime in the future, to properly seal this friendship!

We are looking forward……….

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  1. As long as Daddy approved, then it's all good. I like the fact that his daughters are not been matched with daddy's business friends or clique! Love you Daddy !

  2. Femi Otedola is kind of flexible! Luv this guy! Now, where can I meet him? I have some vital business proposal for him! ?????? Where?

  3. W@anon 8;23 he has more than enough of your sort of business partners.Queue behind your grandmas like doro queen

    1. Anon toh bad! Queue ke? Nah to go by broom noni at midnight! ???????????! The anonymous in this blog have nine lives!

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