Chief Mrs. in fact (Dr.) Shade Okoya, 40, wife of Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, the Aare of Lagos and multimillionaire industrialist & real estate magnate, is a “dazzler par excellence” and she knowing it, always always does her very best to put her best foot forward all the times in terms of her ensemble/style, especially when the occasion or event demands it, which is always very quite often.

Some of the 4 times a Chief’s outfits are so rich, fabric so awesome and then everything garnished with unbelievable jewelry that leaves mouth agape most often. But Shade’s major strength may be her gorgeous big eyeballs and her height, which gives her outfits the carriage needed. Whatever it is she’s done, makes her look standout all the time

The young mother of 4, was by her husband’s side again not only as a delicious, well cuffed high candy, but as a great pillar of enormous support when he was honoured with the “Independent Newspaper Lifetime Achievement Award” 2018 recently.

For those who don’t know or might not know, the common knowledge is that Sade has not just been the housewife of a wealthy husband, but she has contributed immensely towards the awesome growth of her husband’s brand (company) since she came on board and the signs of the growth have been very noticeable and notable, and for that alone, amongst several other virtues which has endeared her awesomely to her beloved husband, Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, she has the pride of place in his heart! 

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  1. First of all, the dress look too tacky and overrated and secondly, this woman that cannot speak good English even if her life depends on it is so overrated and overhyped. Getting credit for other people's hard work. Of course who wouldn't look good after have that many plastic surgeries. Give me a break!!!

    1. That is so true. She acts shy just because she can't speak English. Very local girl. You can take a girl out of the ghetto but can't take Ghetto out of the girl. Fake ass girl

    2. Sorry but she look masquerade in that dress and she maintains her figure with cosmetic surgeries. But her mouth??? OMG! Her mouth when she opens it is something else

    3. Aloba just call her your style queen because this woman is so far from being a style queen. The only person that ever earned that title as far as I'm concerned is the clotheshorse – Nike Oshinowo

    4. This Shade or whatever is always looking so gaudy! My goodness.

      You are right about Nike Oshinowo. Although botoxed to the gawds, always looks good.
      Classic style, no ogbanje/mammy water hair and barely there make up. You can't take that away from her.

    5. Why all the hate? I am sure Aloba was the one that culled it from her Instagram. Gosh! You all sound like jealous ugly housewives and bad belles. Get a life! You have far bigger problems like the oloshos fucking your husbands as we speak. Ki lo de nah?

    6. Anon 7:11. I believe people here dislike her because of the role she played before she was married off to her ancestor and the role she is playing as I type! She caused a big chaos in that family, thus the hate!

    7. No one here yap Daisy Danjuma like they are tapping Shade. They know Daisy another billionaire wife that also kicked another woman out will bribe Aloba and getnthw IP address of every single one of you hiding anonymous and not only out you but will arrange for area boys to show you pepper. Sade if you are reading this, take action. All these jobless losers that are hypocrites saying rubbish out of jealousy. At least unlike many many second wives she did not completely fire Alhaji Agba. So wetin exactly be your problems. I know-bloody fat ugly used up bitches that their husbands have sidelined for the fresh stars out there have found someone they deem weak to shayinmo. Losers, they whole lot. Try tapping Aunty Daisy.

    8. Anon 9:04pm! I came for you! Auntie Daisy is more classy and doesn't bring drama and attention to herself! You're an idiot to call Auntie Daisy's name here! Idiot!

    9. Anon 10:47pm! Thank you for that comment! Woohoo! Yep! Say it like it is! Anon 9:04pm got burnt! Raccoon! Scum ! Trying to stir what's not! Leave beautiful, classy Daisy alone and hug on your vulture, fetish coated partner ,shade! Woohoo! Woop! Woop! Anon 9:04pm got served! Don't mess with the real Anonymous here!

    10. The last 2 annos need to shut the hell up! Which Daisy is classy? You obviously haven't heard her speak; she's another shade when she opens her mouth.
      Classy my bum bump! You people need to look up the definition of classy and you'll know it doesn't in any way apply to daisy.
      A woman that abandoned her sick hUsband to occupy someone else'seems home? Classy ko, crass ni. And juju wise, she's just as bad as shade.
      Classy my foot! Longest hiss!

    11. Anon 7:11am! Choke on the comments! My aunt is way classy compared to your " Shade! Wtf! Telling someone to shut the hell up! You shut your pipe hole! Ewii.

  2. First of all, the dress look too tacky and overrated and secondly, this woman that cannot speak good English even if her life depends on it is so overrated and overhyped. Getting credit for other people's hard work. Of course who wouldn't look good after have that many plastic surgeries. Give me a break!!!

  3. The "only married woman that legalized runz" in Lagos! Enjoy your loot oh jare! Next time, send in your pix wearing a bikini so we can admire as well! Ewii.

  4. Life must be so boring for this lady! Dressing up and no where to go! Just walk around the home , taking pictures! Pele! Grandlover sleeping? Oops, sorry! I meant your hubby!

    1. You're so right anon 8:28am! She doesn't travel???? Like visit the UK, states or canada. She can afford to, except if she truly has the deadly virus which I know some of these countries won't let her in!

    2. UK, States do not discriminate against the virus. …. people who have it are given visit

      go educate yourself so run along ??

  5. Lovely fabric! Why all these pictures? Searching for a younger blood? Kolework dear! Your meat is tough to chew!

  6. Of course not!!! From her jewelry to her makeup and those hedious outfits………grrrrrrrrrrrr. And not to forget the Minnie Mouse eyelashes wo…..trash. Your husband is an old man, compliment him. Be graceful with class. But then again what do you expect. His main wife is too quiet letting this bottom feeder take her shine. Nonsense

    1. I'm not hating on her but she is just tacky with her dressing. The only time that I line her dressing is when she wears iro and buns but other times, she look like a masquerade from another world. BTW, must she wears so much jewelries to prove to the whole world that she has a lot? Less is more and what about Bro h classy and decent? She need to stop wearing jumpsuit because she doesn't look good on her

    2. I really can’t stand women that pour those cheap jewelry on their body. Worthless rubbish. You should invest in a damn good wristwatch and some nice understated bubbles. Not all these Iya mi le ko jewelry. So 1990s

  7. Aloba bring gist or rumor,on bisola dejonwo and her husband separation.@jide tokan. Rumour has it that former govt guy wants her back @muri something.

    1. Is true and not a rumor my dear. The funniest thing about the whole thing is that HMO has moved on from that phase of wanting to marry her then and doubt if he would be willing to do that after a failed marriage with a child. I'm sure he will only use her and dump her after awhile.

    2. GBG. Did you say Shitta girl? Bisola mother Juju can never.come close to those Shitta ones. Sade is one of those girls too. Those girls are not a joke

  8. She's not as fair skinned as she used to be. That's the issue with skin lightening those stuffs stop working after some years.

    1. At Mama BG. You took that word out of my mouth. You can only bleach for so long. She need to look at what happened to 2 of her role model Mamas Sisi Abah and Mama Joko Oni. Saw both of them the other day funny enough at one of those Chief Okoya snd Sade sacrifices called Party. She was kneeling on the floor for everybody at the party whereas she has alienated the man from his many children and his first wife. She was playing teenage love with the man in front of his first wife which I found to be not only disrespectful but also wrong of her

    2. She’s bush that’s why. She should consult Freda , bimbo kashamu and co. They would fix her up but think it’s late though. Tura don spoil matter

    3. I don't think she used tura or any cheap lightening products. Most likely some medication causing hyperpigmentation. I know antibiotics can darken, so also other drugs.

      Bimbo is still new to bleaching. We can only evaluate her skin after like 10-15years.

    1. Tbh don’t really know her character but for her guts in pushing that mans main wife to the side and publicly disgracing her, says a lot about Shade and I don’t like that. That’s witchcraft. The kind of things I’ve heard….. what? Like kilode? She’s not the only small wife men like that have. She should by right be in the background. But for her to fully take charge e get as e bee oooooh

    2. My thoughts exactly….how did she succeed in pushing Alhaja agba and kids to the side just like that. It baffles me no end.

    3. My thoughts exactly….how did she succeed in pushing Alhaja agba and kids to the side just like that. It baffles me no end.

  9. At Palesa Yes o. The funniest part is that people already see through her fake personae. She is so local and ghetto

  10. OK, y'all please don't come for my weave but I actually love this look and the headpiece! I feel like if Rihanna rocked this in an editorial photo shoot in CR or Vogue, people would fawn over it. I know, I know, call me crazy, maybe it's because I'm sleepy but I actually think some of the stuff Shade wears are really cool in a haute, editorial, avant garde type of way.
    The problem is that a pig in lipstick is still a pig. Shade unfortunately radiates bushness with her accent and overbite. If Rihanna or Gaga or even Lupita wore this, you'd be sold. You'd think a "billionaire wife" would get a speech coach and at least acquire one of those British LAFAs everyone and their grandmother seems to have nowadays. SMH all that Botox and she forgot to visit the dentist

    1. My dear, shade's case is beyond a visit to the dentist! She needs overhauling! Nah second material! The body biological is tired! ?

  11. At Anon 11.07. Well said. With all her over the top masquerade dress and excessive jewelries, I wish she can spend some of those money to fix her mouth. The day she opened her mouth was the day I found out why she doesn't like to speak in public. Very bad as in BAD

    1. Bad what? She’s a Yoruba woman!!!!! If she spoke bad Yoruba no one would insult her over that. Slaves!!!! Most of you have lonely tired lives. Don’t know the lady but your comments are just basic.

  12. But seriously ? one does not understand the reason for this hatred! What is it that Sade has done that others before her and very many after her wouldn't do? Forget however it is she met the old man, the truth is he is the man's wife now and she has blessed him with 4 kids. Do you blame her that the man met her and was mesmerised and couldn't allow her to go? If you all claim that it was juju or voodoo, did she force it on him, was he not a willing partner in allowing it to work? Trouble sleep Yango go wake am, who you go blame? If Mama Agba allowed her position to be usurped no be her wahala be that? In fact at her old age should she be struggling for position again, after having grown up kids who are as old or even older than Sade. If it were someone else wearing all those gorgeous clothes many of those if you so filled with hatred would have been praising to the moon and back, but just because of your hatred and disgust you bad mouth what is good just for the sake of it. What is so terribly bad about Sade that you all can't forgive, later you all go on your knees begging and asking God for forgiveness. If Sade has done anything evil or bad, she can't go Scot free, she has Karma to answer to, no matter how long it takes. So please let her rest! If her mouth is terrible no be her mouth? If she was dressing like Fayose's wife you same people would curse her out! Now she's making the effort and it's a major issue! Na wa for awon aiye ooooooo. Can even God please you all? I am not a friend or family of Sade, but I have noticed the bashing and I thought please, give a fellow human being a BREAK!

  13. @anon 7.35am, really???? What has she done? I pray you get a Shade in your life too. We that know, know. I have never seen this type that Shade is exhibiting!!!! Never. But God sees it all. Please never support what is not good. Never. But then again maybe you’re into her trade and can’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing to alhaja agba. Or perhaps you’re a product of second wife or concubine. Koshi danu.

  14. @anon 11.07 i totally agree with you. the outfit is gorgeous and i actually like that it's less fussy than the layered stepped skirts Toyin Lawani made for her in previous posts.

    the fabric is gorgeous and i love the style with the satin sleeves and the head wrap. very arabian vibe and a Rihanna or Tracee Ellis Ross would kill this look, especially with less dramatic makeup.

    I dont know or care for Shade but this outfit is cool.

    1. At Supergirl. The previous dress was made for her by Bunmi and not by Toyin Lawani. Bunmi post it on her Instagram page

  15. Talking about skin, pls I need recommendations to battle the last pregnancy melasma I'd. Am naturally fair but after my last pregnancy my face and neck turned dark and refused to budge to facials and co.

    Someone recommended Clear quick lotion or Xtreme Brite or Makari exclusive. Which is effective pls??????

    1. My dear, your hormones are readjusting. Please don’t touch your skin with cream. Eat fruits, take your vitamins and loads of water. Your skin would glow. Not burnt

    2. Thanks a million. I take fruits regularly and eat healthy. I just want that hyperpigmentation to go, I look akward with very dark neck and fair hands and legs. As per the hormones, my baby is no longer a baby. Hormones shouldn't take more than 3 years to adjust.

    3. Hi Aproko.
      You can google for more info and try any of the below serums:

      Vitamin C(20%). The Korean ones work better.

      Mandelic Acid(I have this saved for later in my Amazon shopping cart. Lol.I read that it is especially good for dark skin )

      Retinol( Very good for hyperpigmentation)

      Eat clean and continue with your facials.


    4. @Aproko as long as it’s nothing in a gel form/in a tube. Try one of those serums, if there’s an Xtreme Brite serum, try it. Avoid any tube cream/gel. Layer on top with sunscreen lotion.

    5. Try regular exfoliating facials, monthly hydrafacial or medium depth peels or superficial peels with ultrasonic facial. Use vitamin c serum (cosmeceuticals) with hydrating serums and do not forget sunscreen.

    6. Try, Olay Natural white. All in fairness . While you're at it, drink lots and lots of orange juice.
      Note: if you're on any blood thinner, you might notice blood while brushing or little blood in poop or urine while drinking orange juice!

  16. Pregnancy and child rearing can really disfigure a woman. Don't worry you'll be alright, I once experienced post childbirth rough skin. Clarins skin line helped me, try it.

    Pls don't use makari, it'll only work well for a while then destroys your skin. Never heard of those other 2 you mentioned. And don't be tempted to use all those loud IG cream sellers, they sell packaged harmfull stuffs.

  17. @ Aproko, I experienced the same thing. I used the Black soap with Tumeric from Fig Tree Health store. It is located at 20A Fola Osibo/Emma Abimbola Cole Street, Lagos. It worked. All natural products. Below is their link. Please note that it does not involve bleaching in any form.

  18. Thank you thank you thank you to all my dear BVs. Am truly grateful to all the anons, Fan, ITK.

    All recommendations noted, will go shop later today. Should give a good feedback soon.

    Ese gaaan, modupe. ????

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