Friday, June 2, 2023
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Pastor Ituah and Ibidunni Ighodalo

Couple with their daughter

Pastor Ituah Ighodalo 57, is the amiable and wonderful Presiding pastor at Trinity House Ministries International and a well known Accountant with a thriving firm.

His wife, a supremely gorgeous and quier lady at that and also a Pastor in her husband’s ministry, Ibidunni Ighodalo is the ex-beauty queen (Lux Face) and owner of probably the biggest and most prestigious event management company in Nigeria by name Elizabeth R.

It was their 11th wedding anniversary yesterday, that’s Friday, February 16, 2018 and so the very loved up couple who have never been shy at expressing their undying love very openly and publicly for each other; both are obviously each others forever Ying and yang, went on the social media to wax quite lyrical about the anniversary and express their love for each other again.

Hear Ibidun-

Thank you for being an awesome priest, husband and dad…. We love, cherish and adore you. Happy 11th anniversary my love…. here’s to many more years in health and joy…. Love you immensely My King…. ??❤️❤️????

And then Pastor Ighodalo’s own words-

My superstar….. life without you is colourless and dry….. thank you for bringing so much joy and favour my way….. You are more than a wife…. You are my EVERYTHING and I promise to love and protect you all the days of your life…. Happy anniversary Kokoye ???

Love o love! No wonder, people can go to any length for the sake of it! 

Congratulations! May this love grow more and more as the years go by. 

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  1. Congrats dearie ????????! Lovely couple! Ibidun! Beautiful lady, in and out! Ex miss lux that didn't ruin her ?! So proud of you! FGGC, oyo! Owini hills! Yep! My former classmate in the building!????????????

  2. Why do I feel that love being plastered in the public or on Social Media is sometimes a FAKE ONE! They said this and that about each other and before you say Maradona, they are heading to spiltsville. I like REAL relationship that comes naturally without being noisy about it

  3. I have reservation about Ibidun since that houseboy and her brother's children issue. She has some very dirty side but the Media were covering it up because they have been bought. Going gags about her and covering all the shits about her.

  4. @anon 11;58 abeg just continue to look and laugh O is it not the same Ibidun that Muri Okunola was doing one corner dance with and rewarding with cash and juicy contracts when he was still in Govt.Their marriage almost ended on that note if not for people who stepped in.All in all thank God they are still together sha

  5. If I spill, doubt if Aloba will post and if he does have the ball to post since Aloba make deals with them too, he will be asked to delete so I better use my time to do something else. But truth be told, folks don't believe Miss She is so perfect the Media portrays her to be. From their Houseboy story and lying to make the boy look bad to Muri Okunola story and her ridiculous spending? Perhaps they should understand why Abe Ibrahim dropped her ass Not hating but just saying it as it is

  6. You all have not mentioned the "Koko" of the matter. Abeg leave Ibidun, she's good at her job hence the M.O contract. If I drop now, Aloba won't post!

  7. @mbg as long as full names are not mentioned,your comments would be posted. As much as is anonymous, most commenters don't understand that one can be held liable for comments, but when push comes to shove, the anonymous are not there to help. People accuse one of conniving or collecting things, I wish a quarter of the time or even less than that it is so!

    • Thanks Aloba, I know you don't collect gifts and bribes, you just don't want law suit. I honestly wish you a house in banana estate this year.

      As for the gist, it doesn't involve anyone's name, it's just very sensitive. Let me tell a story…

      My rich Bonny island friend of family. He's stinkingly rich,but has been childless for almost two decades. But his wife has attitude problems and he always does defend her. Then one day he confided in someone and said he defends his wife because the wife has covered up his shame of not impregnating her, not even her any woman for that matter. That was when I waded in as per am into healthcare.

    • MBG, ???? 4 gbosas to you. I like your new way of telling stories. I'll start telling stories as comments now. My own story is slightly different. I once had a boss whom they said traded his manhood for fame and power, his wives just chop and go.

    • Hmmmmmm! Mermaids in disguise! Thank God I left! I still have scars to show for it! Please judge no one! Abe knows why he left her! And it's something entirely different from what everyone thinks!


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