Sizeable Nollywood actress Foluke DARAMOLA has joined the league of the newest 40 year olds in town. Like Mercy Aigbe, like Iyabo Ojo, like Chinedu Ikedieze, like Omosexy, all Foluke’s colleagues and a few others, Foluke was awesomely happy to start life anew. Reason being that, just in case you might have forgotten like they say, “life begins at 40”. So it’s a new lease of life for the delightsome lady who has been in our face for upwards of a decade plus now.

The mother of 2, apart from her passion for interpreting roles has another passion too, which is very dear to her heart, an advocacy she founded known as “Passion Against Rape in Africa”.

To celebrate hitting 40, sweet actress went totally picture gaga releasing a sizeable nos of new exciting pictures for her fans. Though her actual birthday date was February 6, 2018 she instead celebrated her born day at the Down Syndrome and Blind People’s home yesterday, February 15, 2018.

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  1. The madam has not only bleached out truth is she has always been light skinned, though not like she is now! But she also looks like a beautiful hippo!

  2. @bubble gum I was just thinking the same thing, she sure looks like sotayo. This woman has always been beautiful facially to me. Hbd iya, llnp ???

  3. It is obvious from her knuckles that she bleached, but how many gallons of cream would she need to go through per day to maintain this on a massive body?

  4. This woman right here ain't no 40 heck noooooo she looked older than beautiful Ruth Osime and No and they are all in their 50ies. She is pretty but she looks older than 40 biko.

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