So we have a “Vice President” in Nigeria that’s so in tune with the times and who is especially media savvy!

The Pastor cum successful lawyer and Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, took to his Instagram page- Professor Yemi Osinbajo verified (profosinbajo) an hour plus ago to somewhat officially announce the betrothal of his gorgeous daughter Oludamilola Osinbajo to Hajia Bola Shagaya’s son Seun Bakare.

The statement read like- “With joy and praise to the Lord, Dolly and I announce the betrothal of our daughter Oludamilola Osinbajo to Oluseun Bakare. 

The upcoming wedding like we already reported yesterday is set for March 15 & 17, 2018 in Abuja FCT. And to correct a notion we had written on yesterday, the incoming son-in-law of the VP is a “Christian” (converted) and not a Moslem like we had thought.

Congratulations again. 

By Maestros Media

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  1. You mean Osinbajo daughter could get a better guy than that witch's son? Guess they will both get to use some of the stolen corrupt money.

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