How he became the chairman in the league of unrepentant Adonis we do not know, but his legend packs a lot of punch, in the lyrics of 9ice this dude has what can be referred to as “Street Credibility”. He has gone through an unbelievable number of ladies in Nigeria, so great is the number of his conquest that to least would be too much. Old and young, known and not too well known he has met and conquered. At any party that he attends he and his cronies would most definitely have gone through half of the ladies in attendance.

Just in case you are still wondering, who this nature’s gift to the womenkind is, this man about town with such legendary profile, the man who would teach other men one thing or 2 or even 3 on how to easily get to the sacred island of discovery of most ladies! His first initial is T, which comes to the same name as that of a well known, legendary International photographer and his other initial is the 23rd alphabet, which makes him a wunderkind of sort!

We have met this dude several times in close proximity/quarters at parties and events and we are still so baffled, so flabbergasted as to why he has been able to fan his “unbelievable” reputation all this while and why he is such a delight of the ladies?

In terms of looks, he is nothing extraordinary, in fact some would consider him a plain Joe. He ain’t no handsome irresistible bloke that gets the ladies knocking their knees together and having a waterfall down that hidden not too public place. In terms of physique also, he is just so very ordinary, none of those well buffed parts, he isn’t even tall, in fact he now carries a slight disforming potbelly and walks stylishly with a limp. Is he then stylish? Nothing fancy is how best we can describe it, he just loves the loud outfits of the likes of Versace, Roberto Cavalli, you know those very colourful 100% silk shirts on pants, that those International playboys seem to favour a whole lot.

So what then is his call to fame? Why is he the toast of the ladies? The somewhat dude with the Midas touch when it comes to the ladies? Best way we can easily answer you is to remind you of a time, many years back, when this so called “special dude” had a party, where countless numbers of states executives, top Government functionaries, well known businessmen and very many other people of interest and “influence” fell over each other to be seen at the party. Such was that party then that when it was reported, the Government of the day then raised eyebrows!

This man’s pedigree and call to fame apparently are his connects, by that we mean his connections, those he knows! He practically knows everyone that is anyone and so maybe that’s his mojo, his attraction. Some have even tagged him as an “influence peddler”. He is said to know how to link this person to that person and vice versa. Even legend has it that, he goes further to help “arrange good times” for some of these his highly placed or very influential friends and figures, who in turn are very generous to one of their own. Another name given him is the arranger!

He has tasted all types of honeypots or should we call it bermuda triangle, that sacred island of treasure, same as some have tagged the treasure trove. One of those said to be his conquest is this lady entertainer who got proposed to by a young man a few years back, while TW her man was in fact in the background, watching the unfildiun proceedings with shock! 

By Maestros Media

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  1. He loves it up his backside more than anything. I think he covers it up with his constant skirt chasing. He was the number one link for helping people launder their stolen wealth. Is he still reigning? Next…

  2. I was at cactus restaurant in VI yesterday,3 middle aged beautiful ladies were seated with a young boy listing while having a meal.I don't know why my mind was telling me one of them could be Fan,gbogbo bigz or one of my fellow commenters o.Its a shame many of us probably live around each other but don't hang out this gist for sweet real life lol pls if any of you live inside Banana island abeg lets know each other and at least hang out in the estate restaurant

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