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THE DAZZLER STANDS SHINING IN HER MILLION NAIRA PLUS ENSEMBLE. £300+$1290+($1995 plus $100 International shipping)

People misuse the tag- icon, especially “style icon” so much! And that’s because it’s a word that seem to come so easy to them!

So you see someone who has only just “begun” to know and enjoy life or just started to express and explore their understanding of style, be tagged a style icon!

The truth is that to become an icon of anything or at anything, it takes longevity, dexterity, experience, in fact unquestionable knowledge.

You have to have been ruling in that particular game, for a good length of time and have become a sort of authority at the game too, one whose opinion becomes like a law, a somewhat regulator kind of, one whose rules and regulations others follow, most often religiously too.

Top Nigerian OAP, vlogger, writer and fashionista, Omotoke Makinwa is not a fashion icon at all, at least not yet, but she’s most definitely on her way and on the path strutting confidently and has begun the journey towards becoming one in the years to come. Truth be told also, she’s no “flash in the pan” either.

Here in the above pictures, the in your face celebrity, dazzles in the very sexy “guipure navy cape dress by Self Portrait” at £300 Pound that’s ₦140000 plus” she wore to grace Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s #omotola4point0 party, which held at the Landmark Event Centre, VI extension, Lagos on Sunday, February 11, 2018.

Her slicked down hair with the centre parting really did her face well. She was a sexy bombshell, showing off the right amount of cleavage, at least not bothering at all on the obscene. Her pair of “Azzedine Alaia Bombe studded suede sandals” $1290- (₦460000 plus) were delicately worn to garnish the whole outfit, which accentuated her colour and she finished off the whole ensemble by carrying the dainty “Gabriela Hearst Demi bag satin with custom made rose gold hardware”. The bag is not one that’s just readily available for purchase just like that, you have to be on a “waiting list”. Leather version of the GH bag was sold on Net-a-porter for $1995 that’s about (₦700000 plus), The Satin is also the same amount and it’s available a few weeks after joining the mailing list and can be shipped internationally with an additional $100. It also comes in snake too.

So at least on that night alone, not counting the cost of Toke’s ring, bangle or wrist watch or hair or the Victoria’s Secret or Agent Provocateur she might have been wearing, she was at least ₦1.3 million plus worth in her outfit-dress and accessories-sandals and bag alone! The beauty of it all is that all the brands are quirky stand out ones. Self Portrait is found in Selfridges, Harrods, Neiman Marcus etc and is a brand that was launched by an alumnus of the famous Central St. Martins in 2013 named Han Chong, a Malaysian designer .

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  1. Oga Aloba is always always late to the game with gist. After everyone has reported he then does same without new info so it is like a copy and paste. I think that is why the low following and no real lift off with this blog ??. I however will continue cos you are my person!

  2. I can assure you that everything she is wearing is not up to 200,000 naira. You people can hype for Africa, kilode. She really likes this her Alaia shoes, wears it all the time.

    • I don't care for toke one bit but my gosh you Nigerians are so freaking fucking obsessed with materialistic bullshit. I mean what the fuck statement is that talking Bout price of what she is wearing. How old are you. Are you are teenager or something. You mutherfuckers are sick. Price price price designer designer designer is that all life is about. How about real estate investing. Useless mutherfuckers with inferiority complex and just obsessed with materialistic bullshit

    • You just might have a seizure if you worry too much about people like Toke that struggle to validate themselves. Take cold Fanta and calm the hell down.?

  3. @Anon February 13, 2018 at 11:56 AM – it's all smoke and mirrors. There are millions of noiseless Nigerians making money and investing. They don't "do the 'Gram." All the slaying you see is just a small percentage of the population. Don't trip and curse over it.

    • My married uncle is on all social media! We keep asking him, why? Of course, to pick chicks! Most married men on Instagram are there to fuck cheap girls!

    • Instagram = Networking!
      It could be legit business or shitty business!Some people lives revolves around social media! There are some men who have become social whores because of this!

  4. @anon 11;56 take it easy o, seems you are new in Nigeria.Quick tip anytime you see these inner of fawning, cloying over the top posts, its usually sponsored by the recipient.I am almost sure Toke Makinwa had something to do with inserting the price of the items there has nothing to do with aloba who is only posting what has been paid for.TM is a narcissist hence she feeds off the attention. Like fan said the real money in Lagos don't make noise, or feel the need to post every little detail.

  5. I met a chick recently and what got me a bit interested was , she's not on any social media! I couldn't believe it! Pretty girl! Most fakes are on Instagram, selling their wares !

  6. I don't really like Instagram because almost all the girls I met thru it didn't look half as good as they did in the gram! All bleached up! Too much make up!*sign! Too bad! Too bad!


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