Friday, June 2, 2023
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Mo Abudu

Aliko Dangote, Mo Abudu & Femi Otedola

DJ Cuppy

Toni Tones

Lead actor- Zainab Balogun

Toyin Lawani

The venue of this particular premiere in the series of films/movies by Mo Abudu was the “Civic Centre Victoria Island Lagos, not the VinveConve Centre of Eko Hotel, where her last film premiered. This wasn’t a massive budget film like the “The Wedding Party 2-Destination Dubai, her best bestseller up till date which is still breaking records all over town. But this had a sizeable budget too!

Mo is gradually turning out to be the lady with the Midas touch, who seem to just know how to pick a blockbuster, all films picked or endorsed by her have become big money spinners and record breaker, maybe this one also that has the beautifully refined actress, Zainab Balogun as the lead character, supported by the consumate acting skills of award winning veterans likes of Jide Kosoko, Rachel Oniga and other good actors would most likely tread the same awesome path as a money spinner, like others.

If the premiere is a signpost of what’s to come, then the “The Royal Hibiscus Hotel” seem to have landed very well, like a private jet, or on First Class in steroid driven mode with super people in its belly. Imagine the likes of Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola, 2 of Nigeria’s richest people, one the certified “Richest in Africa”, the other one, one of the top 10 richest in Nigeria. And supported by many other A-listers.

Truly and truly, the stars rained, poured down in torrents, like an unstoppable avalanche at the venue and added colour to the beautiful event.

Long before this premiere, the titbits and snippet shown had already conditioned many movie watchers or cinema goers that it’s one movie they must go to watch. Those who attended this premiere were not disappointed at all by what they saw. Good story, great acting, great actors, great production, all the elements were intact and the fans would most definitely go out in torrents to go watch. What this actually means is that, Mo Abudu would at least have 2 films that would contest for many categories of awards this year, the only snag in their wheel of progress is sure to be the fantastic production by Omoni Oboli, called “Women on Strike- the revolution”, a movie that was excellent from the start to the end.

Back to the Royal Hibiscus Hotel” premiere, the theme apparently was “Valentine Red” and many adhered strictly to the theme or colour code, while many didn’t and maybe gave their own interpretations of the day’s colour code. Omawumi looked gorgeous in black sequin dress and pant, her red was sandals and pumpkin slice bag, Waje looked scrumptiously fetching in her black pant and top ensemble with a touch of red being her bag, the weight loss has done her excellently. Dakore Akande, Toyin Abraham, Zainab Balogun for us were three of the “best dressed/most stylish at the premiere though, another very stylish person at the premiere was Ozinna Anumudu who didn’t wear red. Zina is the gorgeous daughter of Nkiru Anumudu, whose lovely cherry fascinator, was a sight to behold, her collection have always stood out and this one is likely to be another top International brand.

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Waje Iruobe


Azuka Ogujuiba

Idia Aisien


Omoni Oboli

Kate Henshaw

Ruth Osime

Michelle Dede

Dakore Akande

Ozinna Anumudu

Toyin Abraham

Nkiru Anumudu

Noble Igwe

DJ Lambo

Lala Akindoju

Eunice Omole

Rachel Oniga

Funlola Aofiyebi Raheem

Nnenna Okoye

Ohimai Atafo

Lanre Olusola

Kenneth Okoli


Banke Balogun

Jide Kosoko

OC Ukeje

Kunle Afolayan

Joro Olumofin

Mpho Laing

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  1. To God be the glory, my MM is well.

    Dangote and Otedola now parry friends, na wa.

    That's Banke Balogun, not Bola. She's sha all over making herself happy. But this your outfit na wa.

    Aunty Mo has got good PR moves, she must not loose her production money by all means.

    Aunty Nkiru, na wa o.

  2. Aloba, what did you do to that olori story. Ko da oooo, when I was ready to serve tea.

    GBG you're wicked. Banke shouldn't make herself happy abi. If I were her would begin to flaunt the man removing the cobwebs.

    • It's bleaching Bimbo once married to a millionaire's wife that's cooking up lies ooo. Just because she wants to be friends with bumi designer, the designer is hoping to be a second wife to a certain swagger king. So bleaching Bimbo and the designer are harassing the queen in the palace on IG.

  3. Oh I see! So all these aristo babes now damage a wife's reputation to make themselves look better. That's so wrong, I know the king is a blog visitor, he needs to be careful with the designer. Extra careful your Royal Highness!!!

  4. Mama Borngirl – aren't they all visitors?
    Aproko – she wants the wife to leave so she can move in. She doesn't want to be a second wife in the palace.
    They will sort it out spiritually. I hope they are ready.

  5. I've someone on my WhatsApp who uses the designer as status updates. So I asked her more details, yes you're right @Fan, designer is doing so spiritually but is getting frustrated it's not fully worked. Was told she's like her mother.

    The movie will be interesting, I want olori to win!


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