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Mo Abudu, Omawumi & Waje
So one of Nigeria’s top “IT” girls, “can she still be called or referred to as a gal anymore”? Clocked 33 yesterday, Friday, November 4, 2017 and to celebrate the birthday and the day, she had what was termed a “classy party”, with a classy set of peeps, at the very beautiful and classy “Clear Essence Spa Place” on Alexander in Ikoyi, Lagos. 
In attendance were many of her friends, likes of Mo Abudu (much older friend), Elohor Aisien, Bolinto, Nnenna Okoye, Noble Igwe and his wife, Ebuka Obi Ochendo and his wife, Ifeoma Williams, Arese, Denola Grey, Tarmar Awobotu, Freda Francis, Tola Odunsi, Omawumi, Waje, Mr. MoashStyling, ace comedian Bovi, IK Osakioduwa who doubles as the host for the event and very many other friends and well-wishers. It was only us at MM that wasn’t invited Lol!!! We don’t feel any bad about it though LWKUD!!!
According to those in attendance, it was a classy party all the way and it was fun galore all through as it lasted till about 3am in the morning. It was a great selection of fun loving guests gathered together in a beautiful ambience and venue, and every other things one could add to garnish something already well packaged were done. 
Birthday gal herself was the cynosure of all eyes, as she wowed all comers in her special birthday garb/outfit a “short Balmain sequinned dress” said to have cost her somewhat near “a Million Naira”, which she finished off with much aplomb in her pair of stupendously gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes, it was Oomph raised to the power of ?. She shimmered, shone and razzled dazzled everyone in no small way. 
Toke truly has arrived and no one, no matter status, bad bellicks or connect can stop her shine, so naysayers go hug transformers Lol. 
It has been a rollercoaster ride like year for this delectable media personality. From the pain and anguish of the irretrievable breakdown of her marriage to her former beau to the divorce, to the success of her book launch, which somewhat propelled her career to another level, to the other many successes and now to her 33rd birthday, she’s gone through it all. (Her name Omotoke is a very strong Yoruba name which evokes that the child born, is a “Special One” that would be especially cared for and loved. So it’s like that love radiates around her from all corners and comers. So on this special occasion of her born day, which was “November 4, 1984” her friends and associates yesterday rallied around her in good support to wish her the very best and a very happy 33rd birthday. 
Hip hip hip hooray!!!!!
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  1. Association of Divorced miserable girls. Isn't it funny that most of her friends are divorced just like her? Guess misery loves company for them.

  2. Too much exposure can be a blessing or a curse and hopes she can cook and eat an humble pie. BTW, hopes she wouldn't be asking for her privacy when her 15 mins of fame comes back to bite her?

  3. A dress cost her a million Naija and shoe close to a million and what does she do again? And she wants people to believe that she paid for all these expensive stuff with her hard earned money? Give me a break run girl extraordinaire

  4. It's as if they have an association. Any woman that has bad luck in finding a good man, having a good home is qualified to join. They are smelling badly. Spiritual smell o, no matter how many designer perfumes they use, they are smelling to me. Ko si aponle fun won rara. I wonder what will become of them in ten yrs time.

  5. Mo abudu seems to be everywhere! Or is she been paid to Grace events? Happy birthday Toke! May God direct your footsteps and expose every wolf in sheep's clothing in your life IJN, Amen. it is easy !

  6. Million naira dress???? What for? Well! She got the money! * Scratches my head.Hope she can fly at nite with that dress and Be a super hero! Afi 1 million naira ?

  7. Happy birthday baby girl!!!!!!!! I'm so sure Maje will be checking all the pictures secretly and wishing he can turn back the ✋ of the clock. But Maje's friends are really mean. Not even one reached out to toke and came for her birthday! Men! Hmmmmmm!

    • Maje this! Maje friends that! You guys should let it go!! If you not writing a book blaming the whole world for your relationship failure, you online calling people mean and pointing fingers at them. She should spend time looking in wards and stop blaming people for her woes!

    • I think she was angry with Maje for not loving her like he does to Anita. I think her fans makes her to believe that she is the most beautiful girl in the world and cannot believe that a guy wouldn't be into her. Toke get a grip on yourself as you are not all that. The guy wasn't into you because of your character and fake lifestyle. Live your truth and stop fronting with those material stuff BE REAL GIRL

    • I really don't understand why people/shallow fans don't get it or why she doesn't get it? The girl slept with other people's husbands for money at unilag, she has admitted this several times no shame; then she gets upset when a man whom she herself admitted whose league she wasn't in dumped her after all her lobbying, forcing herself to be in his circle. She transformed herself, bleached from black to Micheal Jackson white, combined fake British, us and German accents, slept all over town with politicians, very very old men with shriveled dicks just to keep up the appearances. So tell me, which decent man or family would accept the woman as a wife? She is used, even a baby would be afraid to come out of her overly diseased punani. This is all she can be, her life is out there and forever memorialized online for posterity. Toke Makinwa is first and always be foremost a prostitute an indecent woman that made her way the most shameful way possible. That is what her children will see, this is what she would be known for. It can not be corrected.

    • Anon 6:36 u sabi this fake gal well. U forgot to add all those married bankers she and her friends were sleeping with for money. Ashawo dey always graduate to the next level but no dey end well for them.

    • Anon 6:36pm! Are you God????? I don't know toke or maje! I don't like what toke did about maje's …….! But you're not in any position to say all that! You're not God! God gives people second chances so bridle your tongue!

    • It's amusing that a lot of people on here have passed judgement on Tone based on mere speculation while it is a hard fact that Anitah Solomon f**led a married man and had a child out of wedlock for him. Won't she be remembered for that, abi the internet hasn't recorded that one?

  8. No one should blame toke for going into runs! She's an adult so let her be! It takes 2 and it has to be mutual so why blame her only? Poor girl can't catch a break!

    • She's not getting any slack becos, she wrote a book to ruin M and A reputation. This same person that has been doing runs from time immemorial. If you live in a glass house don't throw stones.

    • She is not only fake and phony but also an hypocrite using material stuff to cover her disappointment. Toke get help and learn why a guy like Maje couldn't love you with everything you think you are

    • Hmmmmmmm! This life! I fucked maje years back and it was okay but not like fire works! It's so funny anytime I read about the guy! He can't really fuck! I'm a good girl, was expecting a unicorn in bed but got a regular fuck! Don't get me wrong but maje is not all that ! Maybe he has improved now but as per 4-5yrs ago, he wasn't all that joor!

    • See finishing ????????! Anon10:25pm and 10:28pm, I luv all your comments joor! Most big girls and guys in Lagos are fake and phony joor! Hahahahaha

  9. Wow! Million naira dress!!! This babe is balling! I think Maje's dick is golden! I need to fuvk maje and dump him! Then make millions ?. Now!how do I get hold of this maje guy? Maje! Sweetie! I'm coming for you.

  10. I was hoping to see Joshua, the champ on the guests list! I guess the champ chickened out! The fear of Toke is the beginning of wisdom!

    • At 12.50 Said perfectly. If ordinary Maje that she said she fed wasn't into
      her, there is something wrong with this loud, vain, superficial, shallow plastic girl. Just because you have made some change through hussle and runs doesn't make a guy fall for you. Live by your own conviction

    • This is an open letter to Maje. Maje, my name is Lisa and I have read a lot about you but I refuse to believe. I saw your pics and to be honest, you're Hawt! Can I take you out for dinner tonight or lunch in a couple weeks? Thanks. Haters eat your heart out! Lisa

  11. Congratulations Toke, you are so beautiful. Ntoi Maje, keep insulting Toke everywhere. I guess you are frustrated and broke. No more cow for you to milk. The divorce is over Anita, let's see if Maje will marry you. Two losers always coming online to bash Toke everywhere because she has left you both in despair and misery. Before you come to spew noxious gas from your mouth, I am not Toke. But the hate on her is real. Hahahahah. Baby girl keeps firing on despite all the hate. That's why I love her.

    • At least Anita is not sleeping with her ancestors, and her kids will not grow up to know she's a modern Heidi Fliess. Too bad you can't say the same for your hero who's firing on shriveled dicks just to keep up with the joneses. That time will come, when her mates will be attending their kids graduation and she will still be doing baby girl upandan with her mates kids. Shameless whore!

    • At Anon.5.35 Hello Toke I know it was you talking shit.Listen, Maje never loved you despite all your gragra and you couldn't get that over your fake ass that any man can ever reject you. You are not all that and please let it go and move on to another Mugu. The whole world will soon know how fake ass you are

    • Which one is , maje never loved you? Who da fuck is maje? Parasite! Leech! Fuck boy! Dirty boy! Motherfucker oshi! Oya! Maje marry Anita so we all believe that you're a good chap! Fuck off!

    • Okay! Toke sleeps with her ancestors while maje sleeps with sluts! Toke makes ? while using rubber, maje is a broke vector! Disease Carrier! Rubbish!

    • @Anon 9:12 I see you one of the gullible people that believe her "Tales by moonlight". She will eat back her "STD" claim very soon.

    • Anon 9:12 believes the STD story because , maje is not the only big boy with STD, didn't Abbey infect his wife then? Forget the big boy brand, most of them are walking vectors! Dirty boys! I won't fuck any of them for charity! Fucking dirty boys!

  12. Please let Toke breathe ! It's her birthday! Maje this, Maje that! Anita this, Anita that! Any guy who fucks and gets you infected is a Dirty guy! Period! Any guy who fucks and gets you pregnant, not marrying you or taking care of his child is highly irresponsible! Period! Any guys who does both of what I just wrote is Evil! Period!

    • But why are all these so called big boys carrying infection up and down? Does it mean, they don't use rubber or what? I want to believe that most big boys use rubber, no matter what!

    • Maje just wrote moron! ?????! My guy don vex! You're a fucking vector! Toke is even pleasant for not disclosing the name of STD and sti you gave her! Dick head! Dirty man! Smello .

    • Anon 10:30am! Maje! Is that you? Stop fucking sluts without condoms! Dirty guy! It hurts ! Right? Hope you're disease free! Hahahaha

    • At Anon 11:58 the old man at Ligali Ayorimde must be doing a shitty job in bed. Maje is not interested in your sharing with your forefathers.

    • Maje! No soft landing for you! If toke was into runz and you knew, tell me why you still stayed with her and even proposed? Let me tell you what I think, after reading her book! I think you stayed because you're a leech, a fucking parasite and a monster! Maje! How many girls did you have sex with, while living with toke? You were on heat! You're a lazy old man! Feeding off your wife! You only picked a struggle when toke divorced you! Guess, your ticket was gone! Go find another cow to milk! Fuck boy!

    • Anon 4:04pm! Please which maje isnot interested? Same maje that slept with toke and wifed her? Remember that toke left maje not the other way around!

  13. Toke was in luv with maje and there's nothing wrong with that! Even if she did runs then, she used the money for both them! She didn't deserve to be infected and deceived! She was fighting for the luv of her life which was normal! The only mistake she made was that book! She went too far! Toke! You don't get your own pound of flesh , you leave to God! But your bad friends advised you wrongly! Chin up! It's not over till it's over! Relocate to a quiet country, marry a white guy and start a fresh! I feel sorry for you because you're an orphan !

    • Toke relocate to whereeeeeee ?
      Toke lives for the hype! It’s not possible unless her pussy has completed it earthly mileage and on its retirement plan only then can she ever think of settling. Even if she does decides to Marry a white man, she will still be very active on her hoeing job

    • @Anon 12:11pm! A runz girl can do runs safely by using rubber unlike dirty maje who doesn't use rubber! Maje is dirty! Forget the great body! Great body filled with STD! I would rather use a sex toy to squirt than fucking maje! Any girl, chick or woman who sleeps with maje is DIRTY! Big boy! Big STD! *Pukes!

    • I'm sure Toke is not better than Maje. She was the on desperate to marry the guy by fire by force remember the guy cancelled their first introduction/engagement

    • Please, is maje on Instagram? I need to DM him! Saw him recently in suits and I got wet! Don't worry Make, if you're reading this. I'm not in Nigeria but Uk so I will be discreet. ????????

  14. Its her time, she should be wiser than her predeccessors ruth and grace osime, vivian chilogi, nikky ogbuefi, jennifer uzo etc at 50 hope she would have stopped selling pussy

    • Vivian Chiologi another fake ass Deported America returnee., Her juju is from her to high there but fortunately for Polo boss, her jazz didn't work on him and he dumped her like like an hot mess she is. I cant wait for the jazz to clear off from John Shittu's eye. This circle of girls are miserable and desperate and no man worth his coin should marry them because they are bad news

    • For Vivian it has to be jazz o. The woman is ugly, her head is not proportional to he rest of her body and it looks like she is a hunch back. Really all weird looking women, but I don't blame them they have to resort to any means to claim a man. Her so called husband dey wor wor too. All Na makeup and money from prostitution.

  15. Toke's partners in crime in Unilag were Jecinta and Yvonne. She later graduated to the Bacchus circle were her mentors were pimping her out to Lebanese and old politicians. Her sudden association with Tonto and Dabota is definitely a demotion. It's safe to say it's downhill from here for Babygirl.

    • Bacchus girls have semi retired or don’t have the connects to keep TM afloat. Things dried up for Louise and oona.
      Jecinta and Yvonne are useless whores that can’t feed themselves. Both shrinking, Toke’s association with them says more about Toke’s fakeness. Change your circle of friends girl.

  16. thought the post was about toke ..who is this one bringing up vivian again?? she is in her hubby house in london go and drag her out and use soap to wash the juju off…..inukwa…

    • At 10.26 Which husband house in London? Ok ooo! Will let your ignorant comment pass but FYI, she is still in Lagos doing a coded running the down low to keep up with the Jones. Remember that Shittu money making machine Mikel Obi is no longer under his management after he married bad luck – Vivian. Time will tell

    • At Anon 10.26. Are you Vivian? Reason being that I wonder why you single out Vivian name when many names was mentioned. You just expose yourself and putting more focus on Jazz master Vivian. The same way jazz cleared out of Ik her late sister's husband is same way jazz will clear off Shittu's eyes. Cant wait and see how it goes

  17. Toke at 33 you too old to be living off pussy. At 33 your mates are getting married and having kids while you still sleeping with old men for bags and shoes.Quite sad.

    • Anon 5:19am! You're very silly! You're now playing God? At 33, Toke should be married with kids, you say! Hope your life is perfect! Evil people!

    • Anon9:03 Toke welcome! Don't blame God for your wayward life. You had a choice, and you choose to keep hoeing. I knew you from our days in Akoka, you flunked several times because you always partying and selling pussy to married men, and London big boys. I might not be perfect, but I'm happily married with two kids and not selling my pussy for rubbish things. Chikena!

  18. I just like this guy called, Maje! He has been quiet. That's how matured guys should behave! Now, I would love to meet him but the fear of STD and sti is the beginning of wisdom for me! ????

  19. John Shittu too is into heavy jazz & na both of them fit. A story that i have told before maybe here or on another blog. Ms GO sells gold & is the sister of Ms RO of Thisday Style. A bangle she was selling got missing & VCS told her that she will take her to her jazz man to find out who stole it. Off they went & the babalawo said it was Ms FM who has a boy for one top NNPC top shot from the North. They went to confront her & threatened her. Na so Ms RO of Thisday Style heard & was very very angry at how lil sis could stoop so low to follow VCS to a babalawo. This jist spread within their circle of Ms MA, Mrs DA whose hubby OA abi estranged hubby is on the downlow and who has a bro FF who's on the downlow and Ms LT ice cream maker. na so i take different eye dey look VCS & even GO. true true she no fine & how does she do it? oga Polo grail cult wey he don soak himself into no gree am. oga Makanjuola jazz no gree am. But JS jazz gree with this one until something happen. If you like make you come say no be true VCS and her equally downlow voltrons. Dirty looking half women half spirits.

    • At Anon 5.53 You said it perfectly VO is ugly with the hunch she is carrying on her back and the worst part is she thinks that she is all that. None of those old cargo is pretty anyway. I'm sure she got some of her sister's money and jewelries but hope it will last her a lifetime because John is not as liquid as he used to be. Stupid superficial and vain woman.

    • Aloba welcome back to your throne as the King. Naija gist have nothing on you men. Your commentators are brutal and funny in another way. They made my day men and more grease to your gossip elbow and please don't stop the tea. lol

    • Aloba welcome back to your throne as the King. Naija gist have nothing on you men. Your commentators are brutal and funny in another way. They made my day men and more grease to your gossip elbow and please don't stop the tea. lol

  20. @ 5.53. You are so brutal Lol. VC is legendary in jazz. She has a cover up spa as a business and the so called business that doesn't even make enough money to cover the overhead. Fake ass ugly hustlers

  21. @ 5.53. "Half women half spirits". You are just too much. You can't trust these old hags folk. Remember when Eno husband drove her away and was in the news then that the reason was becos her husband caught her with jazz. She goes outside the country for hers. When Terry left her,I heard she told her friends that Terry will crawl back to her begging to have him back and lo and behold he sure crawled back to her dirty stinking self. Nike Oshinowo is another jazz razz that messed up men's life too. Look what the fake bastardized did to Dr Soleye, He is now a shadow of his former self. Men please be careful from all these desperados old hag

    • What!!! She is the master when it comes to jazz. Please don't believe her fake ass demeanor. Every business she touches failed too. From restaurant,spa, perfume, workout DVD, Miss Nigeria organization and the mediocre talk show. The only thing she is successful as is being a side chick.

    • At 8.45am. Very ignorant comment. Why wouldn't you believe that Nike is into jazz? She's legendary when it comes to that. Very arrogant plain Jane

  22. This comment section is Lit!! But if all these allegations about Toke sleeping with married men are true, she must be narcissistic or just born evil to have written that book. She needs to be exorcised.

  23. So, you all believe Toke wears original designer stuff? Hahahaha, you all can believe anything. As for business class or 1st class that's easy for he sponsor (s) to do. Dresses/bags/shoes/glasses all chinese. As for the hair, those are free from sellers looking to advertise

  24. Nike own no be today. When she was given a chieftaincy title in Lagos many years ago that was her initiation into a secret society. Half women half spirits.

  25. At 12.22 Look. OMG "Your half woman, half spirit" comment just cracked me up every time I read it. Nike story cannot contain this blog. Will just let that slide for now and will let other BV's do the 411 on her. Very nasty rude self centered woman

  26. I don't think guys will want to be with a girl that wrote such a mean-spirited book about her ex. That's crazy vindictive shit!

  27. @ anon 7.50 she has been crazy forever and I think the guy not only not being into her but getting Anita pregnant brought out the real crazy that is in her too

  28. Meanwhile, the more the negative gist of maje flow from toke, the hotter maje is looking! I'm loving his new look. Yummy ! Love me some Maje goodness right now.

  29. Please, is Maje on Instagram? I need to tell him , how good he looks! I really want to see him * Naked! The guy is hawt! No kidding! I can't say my name or my boyfriend will kill me! Maje! Reply your mails now! It's me! Luv you !


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