The Trio

Chioma Ikokwu & Kika



Imagine 3 gorgeous and super stylish, “supposed ladies” tearing at each other with nails and pulling each others hair and trying as much as possible to cause as much damage in a short period of time to themselves, their bodies etc, that was the scenario at this battle royale.

Truly in normal circumstances, these 3 combatants are as gorgeous as they come and super stylish to add to the whole package no doubts, but they revealed an underlying viciousness that laid underneath their veneer very recently.

Tracy NWAPA is the googled eyed former TV gal, who is scrumptiously delicious looking with the bodacious curves that causes men’s heart to flutter endlessly. Tracy’s dad is the super liquid big-boy who used to be the Executive Secretary of NCDMB, that is “Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board”, before he was sacked unceremoniously by the then government of Ex-president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan a while back.

The about town lady is a 2009 graduate of Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan USA.

Kika on her own is the gorgeous and equally totally in your face beauty, who is a partner with her good friend at Good Hair Ltd. She’s badass stylish too. She’s said to have “owned” a salon in the UK.

Nothing more is known as per her background. But in a short while of doing the hair business, she has become a recurring decimal when it comes to hair business.

Chioma is Kika’s girl friday, her besto and her partner in business, so no matter what, both have each others back from wherever to wherever.

Apparently before everything went topsy-turvy, the trio were friends somewhat! All are involved in the hair business, which is a very lucrative business from what we hear.

The more juicy details after the break.

So what was the crux of the whole spat, that degenerated into the battle of Armageddon? Or like some have also tagged it, the “battle of the pneumatically enhanced ladies” the trio are alleged to have engaged in Brazilian bum packaging, chest augmentation and what nots. Apparently Tracy did hers about 4 years ago, when she augmented her back, reduce her chest and uplifted it, in America. But that’s not the issue here.

Apparently Tracy Hashtaged a hair #sokhloe which Good Hair had patented and then that action is said to have led to some bitter exchanges between the trio, all giving each other complete run over of each others caustic tongues.

Now fast forward a few days afterwards, the trio now met at the famous SIP Lounge, in Victoria Island and all sat around the same table, fighting each others with blazing eyes, that could have drilled a whole into each other or turned each other to statues.

A dude from Kika and Chioma’s group apparently now pours a drink for Tracy, which irked Kika, and she went crazy slapping down the drink from the dude’s hand, smashing the glass and splashing drinks on those nearby.

Apparently Tracy sensing war was about to unfold, made a move to leave Lounge there and then, but she needed to pass around where Chioma had sat, who intentionally blocked her path, claiming no space and that she wasn’t moving an inch. So like a well orchestrated and planned script of humiliation, Kika came from behind and before any could shout Jack Robinson, dealt Tracy a blinding and somewhat thunderous slap. We bet that stars were let loose and sparks must have flown around.

The slap riled Tracy and gingered her bad part and led to a mother of all fights, it took several bouncers and others, to happily pull at juicy female stuffs just to separate the trio. You all know that in the battle between women, all weapons like nails, teeth, shoe heels, bags, toothpick etc are fair.

The trio were thrown out afterwards for constituting a nuisance and disturbing the fun revelry of the spot  But Tracy still shocked from the unprovoked attack, wasn’t ready to take the first attack just like that. She wanted her own pound of flesh.

So as Chioma came out, Tracy went after her like a wounded tigress with her studded bag and all she had, Kika didn’t need another call to get back into the fray all over again, her excise this time around was wanting to defend her partner and friend’s honour. So it was 2 against one now. In that situation, friends on both sides had to join in the embarrassing melee, taking sides. All of these while these ladies didn’t care no more about their well packaged goodies and modesties being on display for all to see.

What is indecent exposure in the face of being tagged a sissy?

It was a good opportunity for those who had always wanted to see those enhanced packages to ogle at wonders of nature, as expensive hair pieces were pulled and torn into shreds.

All were later separated and went their different ways afterwards boasting of dire repercussions against each other.

But it hasn’t ended yet, from what we heard Tracy has gone on to arrest the duo. So it’s now a battle of who is more powerful and more influential!

Would it result in a court case?

Let’s wait and see as the drama unfolds. But we doubt it though.

By Maestros Media

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  1. But they have already made made! There's even a pic of the trip floating around hugging it out. Chi's parents came to the police station begging to drop the case. It's all ok now

  2. Maestro media so u decided to stop blogging again after long hiatus. I was beginning to think someone threatened you too like Naija gist live. Bout time y'all grew balls like lipstickalley. No one can bring her down

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