Our world renowned Godfather needs no introduction whatsoever, and he is back to the 2nd thing he knows how to do best-philandering!

But just in case you don’t know him by his nickname or you are just hearing about him on this platform for the first time, we would do our best to indulge you with a little intro. The middle belt born billionaire is as liquid as they come, so well to do is he that some say that he is unofficially one of the country’s richest, he is into several businesses. With a conglomerate that covers many things.


Unconfirmed gist even says that when he sneezes, some top people in Government in very strategic positions for that matter immediately begin to catch cold. He is also married, in fact to a very well known, very wealthy in her own right and highly influential boardroom guru. Sometime back, he hosted many top Nigerians and others to one of the biggest events in Dubai, the UAE.

One major thing he is also very well known for, apart from his vast wealth and influence is his love for gorgeous damsels, the more stunning they are the better. And they are very plenty in number. Legend has it that when he lays eyes on his specification, he totally goes gaga. Nothing is ever too much for him to do for whosoever is his current flame, so much so that he spoils them totally silly….. . 

Now to the gist of the matter!!! Our dearest godfather has fallen head over heels in love once again!!! His current jewel/flame, who seems to be turning his heart topsy-turvy is of Yoruba extraction and is based in Lagos here. The lucky dear has the initials BB as her name, in fact her first name is Bukky.

She is one of 3 sisters, who we hear are all well groomed in the art of catching powerful and very well to do men. While she drives a brand spanking new Range Rover, one of her sisters drives a Toyota RAV 4. Her relationship with the godfather from what we hear is not more than a month and a few weeks old, but she’s already enjoying the fantastic largesse of dating a billionaire. 

Hear this, just before anything even happened between the duo, she was gifted a beautiful wrist-watch from one of the well known brands-A rose gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual, emblazoned with diamonds said to have been valued at several thousands of Pounds, just to prepare her ahead for what she was getting into. But that was just a taste of the pudding, we hear that as we speak, the godfather also got her a choice land somewhere in Lekki, where BB is said to be building to her own taste. 

To even showcase her new very improved wealth status to her friend, BB not too long ago, took a lucky friend on a shopping spree, where that one got first, a Lady Dior bag (from $4000 dollars) upward, another bag and a Cartier bangle all costing not less than $10,000 Dollars, just for accompanying her on the trip. 

How did the very lucky BB even got to meet her newly found ATM? We heard that her boss had sent her to the godfather over a business transaction, only for the godfather to behold and he was totally smitten and hooked, and there began the whirlwind romance.

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  1. Jide Omokore AGAIN?! This man gistt no dey finish for una bloggers hand. Madam Angela eku iro ju O! E no easy, but it comes with the terrain. LOL! Btw Aloba wetin dey happen?! Your blog seems to be limping these day!s Gist no dey? Abi na you comot ears for ground?! I always come here for Island gist, but your blog don dey get as e dey be these days! Biko do sumtin b4 you lose more followers.

  2. babe: msbeebanks (young kick ass lawyer) really kicking it hard

    ATm: Pa Omokore oko Angela baby

    welldone sir, the lord is your muscle, i'm suspecting this wealth, hope she wont end up like all these lagos big girls they have used their destines. big car, mansion, no penny in account!



  3. lol this gist seems to be making the rounds and nobody is saying anything solid about the girl…you go fear smooth operator. Her name is bukola bankole, man is jide omokore and wife is angela ebagua(access bank). Dont know if i spelt the names right.

  4. Poor KK used and dumped and the small money she got is finished. meanwhile they said Buky and her mother are cooks. If you get my drift.

  5. is this man the only aristo in nigeria??..jide gave out 100m…. jide gave out rolls royce..jide gave 1billion…what will he give madam then? is he richer than dangote? what manner of largesse is that..abeg im beginning to doubt …

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